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Woman Discovers Shocking Secrets About Her Family -Needs Advice


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Woman Discovers Shocking Secrets About Her Family -Needs Advice

A anonymous woman  shared her story online has been left heartbroken after her discovery. Read her story below

I got married twenty years ago traditionally. Am from Ughelli South and my husband is from Isoko North both in Delta State.

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I came into my husband’s house with my daughter Oghenetega of 5years old which the Father denied her pregnancy after having an affair of 3months with me secretly, my husband took the responsibility of training her and we agreed that she answers my husband’s name as her surname since she has no other father that cares for her.

My bubby paid her fees till she graduated as an Estate Surveyor and now works in a bigger firm in Lagos earning big cash. Note;- after marriage, we all move from Delta to Lagos State.

Since I got married to my hubby, I have been on TTC for like 20years now. But 2years ago, I thought my daughter also made the same mistake l made with her biological father, when l realised she got pregnant and I advised her against abortion when she later have birth to my handsome looking grandson which my hubby and I so much loved that the boy looks like my hubby even as he is growing up.

Being that my daughter now live on her own good apartment with a very beautiful and expensive car bought for her by my hubby, she decided to registered her son (my grandson) in school using my hubby’s name as her son’s surname as a sign of appreciation of what my hubby her step-father has done for her in her life, that the father of her son also abandon her.

Fast forward a long story short, my daughter fell ill and was admitted in the hospital, my hubby who is always by her side in times of help like this, was out of the country, then, I have to enter her Almighty room which she has never allowed me to enter for some reasons best known to her because I had to take care of junior and take him to school before going to the hospital.

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There and right there in her bedroom, I saw her court wedding pictures with my hubby with her son’s pregnancy and so many other romantic pictures of them on her room wall and now the Doctor has confirmed her 3months pregnant again in the hospital for my hubby too.

Am confused, she is the only child I have (an Estate Surveyor) , she, my hubby and grandson loves me so much that l can’t believe this level of betrayer if l was told.

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Plss🙏🙏🙏🙏 I need your candid advice, matured mind only, because it’s like am all alone in this wicked world now.

Should I call my hubby? Or
Should I wait till he comes back from his trip abroad? He is on three months business trip.
Should l abandon my only child in the hospital?
Should I leave the marriage for them? 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Note;- the car am driving is a gift from my daughter.
Is it an abomination to stay in the same marriage with my daughter?

I also found their registry marriage certificate and travelling document of my daughter and my hubby. Maybe they planned to leave my grandson with me and travel? I don’t know.
🙏🙏🙏 Plss help me😭😭😭

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Woman Discovers Shocking Secrets About Her Family -Needs Advice
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  1. There are things or people worth fighting for and there are others we must let go.
    I’ve come across many sad stories but this one hurt me so bad.
    You lived and loved the only two people who ended up betraying you. It wasn’t even a mistake they made but already, they are married.
    I suggest you wait for the new Mr and Mrs to come back home so you can talk to them.
    Hold your evidence and reveal it when three of you are in the conversation.
    He’s already married to another and is no longer your husband.
    It’s heart breaking but try to find peace and forgive and then walk away.
    They made this choice for themselves and so I don’t think you should try to fight for someone who doesn’t want to stay.
    Move somewhere and start afresh.
    You still have the chance to be happy.

    Oh my God!!! This hurts me so badly.
    I pray you find healing and may the Holy Spirit comfort you at all times.

    • Please keep taking care of her. You are her mother afterall and an amazing one at that.
      Continue being who you’ve always been.
      When he’s back, then you all can talk.
      It’s easier said than done but hold on for now.
      This might be the last moments with your daughter before they finally run away.
      Be a mother still and you will be happy that you were that amazing woman.

  2. Hmm mm? At first am speechless in honestly! But I think u need to hear the d side of the story of ur daughter, it might be possible ur so called has review to ur daughter DAT is not his father,Dat was reason why their two was involved in an affair ! The best thing is to wait for both of them to arrived home b4 u table d matter b4 them ! I pray for God direction for u ,to be able to take d right decision …

  3. Please I want you to see this situation from this angle, your husband have been sleeping with your daughter since she was young ( possibly since she was a child), it did not just start and he has actually brainwash her into all of this of the marriage and raising family together nonsense. Different people with different aftermalt of rape and sexual abuse, some tends to fall in love with their abuser and find it very difficult to let go. With all said and done please move out of the house and go and start afresh God will send you genuine people that will love you sincerely.


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