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The Woman I Want To Marry Made A S*x Tape With My Cousin


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The Woman I Want To Marry Made A S*x Tape With My Cousin

My cousin and I have been very close since we were kids. We shared alot and truly, I can say he is my brother. When I came home to open the house my cousin helped me build, I was so happy, he built everything to my satisfaction, just as he showed me in the pictures and videos he shared with me.

During my visit as well, I met a pretty lady that my cousin was hanging out with and I asked him if the girl is his babe, he said no. That he has a babymama that he loves but the babymama’s family are proving hard to convince that he is good for their daughter. That this girl is coming around him but he does not really like her.

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My cousin asked if I like her,I said yes…but if he is interested, I will back out. Cousin said no problem, that he will back out and I should go after the girl. I asked him if he has slept with the girl,he said no, that they just met like a week before. So, I chatted the girl, introduced myself and I really liked her, she is pretty and I liked her personality immediately.

Things moved fast, I was feeling this girl alot and so when I went back in January this year, I told the girl I wanted to marry her but I would be going back and coming back in December. Since that time, we been doing the long distance relationship thing you know. i call her everyday.

I have met her siblings and her parents on phone and everyone knows we are planning to do introduction and marriage when I come back to Naija in December. I send her and her people money on the regular, even my cousin who introduced us, I always thank him for introducing us, sometimes I send him money.

Well, around June, a friend of mine introduced a new technology to me, a kind of CCTV that one can install and you can monitor from anywhere in the world. I was going to tell my coz but somehow, I didn’t tell him cos I didn’t want him to know I was watching the house or something, so the device was installed without his knowledge.

To be honest, I did not even watch the footage of the CCTV for almost a week but later I did, I noticed my cousin was bringing different ladies to the house. I laughed and told myself that this boy needs to calm down and settle down once and for all. Then I saw on the fourth day that my cousin brought my girl into the house and took her upstairs.

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I was angry, to find out that they were still together even after my coz said he would back out. I checked the camera in the room upstairs where he took her and saw he was actually forcing my girl to sleep with him. She seemed to be resisting his advances but she eventually agreed later on and he had s8x with her.

Disappointed, I sent the girl a text and told her I discovered she was not done with my cousin and so, there is no need for us to continue, that I wish her and my cousin well. She called and called severally, I did not pick up. Then she sent me a long message, saying its my coz that has been blackmailing her, that he told her that if she does not agree for him, he would release a s8x tape they both had before I came into the picture.

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So, my coz lied when he said he had not slept with her before me…I should have known my coz sha…he cant keep it in his pants…Well, I called her and she was crying and begging me ….that she would have told me about the s8x tape but she felt I would think she was a slut for having a s8x tape. Indeed, I found out that it was my cousin who was forcing her, she did not want him but he wanted her …not because he liked her but my coz is just a womanizer.

I confronted my coz and he confessed he forced her to have s8x with him. I was angry with him cos he broke the guy code…I mean, he slept with my girl but he said he was sorry…that he is a fool for betraying me. Well, I just told both of them, to enjoy themselves, I am done but my heart is still with this girl.

Will it be foolish of me to forgive her and take her back? I am finding it hard to get her off my mind. I am still stalking her on social media. Her siblings say the break up really affected her,she is no longer talking with my coz but how do I even marry her knowing that my coz had her first in my own house…,maybe its the s8x images of both of them together that is hard for me to block out…

What should I do?


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The Woman I Want To Marry Made A S*x Tape With My Cousin
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  1. If you love her please marry her,is it because you know that your cousin has slept with her? What about the other girls you have slept with and she doesn’t know about? What about the other guys she has slept with and you do not know about? Things happen,life goes on. You watched the scene, your cousin forced and also blackmailed her,it means she is not promiscuous but not smart and sharp enough to say NO. Marry her if you love her,no excuses biko.

  2. Give yourself some time to heal from all this issue. Forgive the girl and let her know that you have truly forgiven her. Then tell her you want to be alone on your own for some time to get over everything. Taking such a break to heal means you won’t start chatting or calling her. If she calls, tell her to let you be till when you are ready to start talking to her.

    Clearly, that view of you seeing your partner having sex with your cousin will always get replayed in your mind but with passing time, it will later become vague and obscure. So the break is for you to heal in this aspect. Then after getting healed, you are free to decide whether you should go for a new lady or go back to that girl (that’s if you still loved her and she has yet to move on also or go back to do any stupid thing again with ur cousin). The ball is still in your court. Just get healed first. I can imagine how you would have felt in the heart while watching such dirty video. It must have really really be heartbroken as if you were about to develop high BP but you will get better eventually. I can assure you of that bcos I have gone through it before.

    So get better soon. It is well.

  3. I for one would suggest you leave that girl alone. In many parts of Africa we have a proverb that says’water will never forget where it once passed’. You will be shocked in marriage to find them attached again. S*x is more than a physical act brother,it involves spirit and soul. It’s not easy for her to break away from the ties they have done. Let them enjoy themselves and you move on pray that God may give you a good wife.

  4. Forget her bro, let her go. You said you send her and her family money, pls why exactly are you sending them money, for what exactly, guys need to be wise about this issue in spending on ladies, I repeat forget her. My opinion, but its choice. GOD bless you man


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