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The Many Lies My Babymama Told Me About Her Driver (Abi Lover?)


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The Many Lies My Babymama Told Me About Her Driver (Abi Lover?)

Please house, help me reason this matter. My woman and I have been together for like two years. We were dating off and on cos she said her mother didn’t like people from yoruba (she’s Delta) . So, I didn’t reason it too much but she likes me alot and cant let go. Next thing, she got pregnant and we were hoping that will make her mother change her mind but they refused for my family to come and do introduction.

My woman moved in with me, I am a rig worker so I am not around sometimes. As God would have it, I got a new car, so I gave my old Toyota corolla to my woman to be using. Well, she didn’t know how to drive, so she got a Driver to be carrying her around. Every two months, she used to change Driver cos she don’ get along with them.

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Eventually, she had our baby and that made her mother come and do omogwor. The mother seeing that we are living well, she agreed and my family came and did introduction. The mother said we must also do white wedding cos her daughter is the first daughter. I told her no problem, we will plan that one cos I dont have enough money at the time.

My woman and her mother have been planning this wedding and I honestly left them to it cos I dont want wahala, the woman likes money too much. About a month ago, my woman called me crying on the phone that her car has been snatched at gun point. I told her to calm down and I called some of my boys to go and check her.

They went to police to mobilize and they found out that its the new driver that woman hired that took the car and ran away. When I came, I joined them and the investigation started. My woman said he told her to come down from the car at gun point and drove off on the car.

The police traced this guy to his house but his family did not know his whereabouts. It took us two weeks before we got information that led us to track this guy down in Lagos. The guy was arrested and he confessed taking the car but that he only took it cos my wife stole from him. How, my woman stole from him?

This man confessed that he dated my woman before she got pregnant for me and they broke off. But that he gave her 150k to hold for him and she never returned it. That she kept asking him to wait when she gets married, she will pay him back. That later, my woman kept saying that she does not work and cannot pay him.

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So they came up with an arrangement where he will pose as my woman’s driver so he can be using her car to do uber to make his money without me suspecting. So, he drives her around when she wants to go anywhere but the guy uses it to do uber after that. Since, I am hardly around, I don’t even notice what is going on.

My woman denied dating him but agreed that she wanted to assist him to make money since his salary of 20k as a driver is small, she agreed he can use her car to do uber when she is not using the car to move around. But then, she did not know that the guy will run away with the car and lie that she was dating him or even owing him 150k.

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The matter became embarrassing cos it was revealing lies and I don’t know if my woman is telling lies …so she admitted to allowing him do uber business but denies owing the guy 150k or dating him. I was very upset and withdrew the case from police since they recovered my car.

I don’t know what to do with this woman. She is the mother of my son but this scandal she made is it not too much? Did she actually give my car to her former boyfriend to run uber? She swears they didn’t date but the guy said she is lying. I have asked her friends who denied my woman dated that guy…I am upset and want to send her packing but she is insisting she is telling the truth and the guy cooked up the stories.

What do I believe? Is this the kind of woman I want to spend the rest of my life with? Please help me reason am o.


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The Many Lies My Babymama Told Me About Her Driver (Abi Lover?)
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  1. The fact that she got pregnant and gave birth to a son does not mean you should marry her. Your woman is not a wife material with 100yards, she is very promiscuous, her mother warned you but you refused to listen. Abeg get a break jare,na all women be wife abi na all women be good mothers? Take a break and postpone the marriage. God has shown you sign already, remember you are not always around therefore you need a righteous and virtuous woman to take care of your home and family. Udo!

  2. Pls forget her, a lady that is not your wife, you allowed to come and be living with you, I dont know what is wrong with guys of today. She may either be lying of telling the truth, but either way, leave her alone. GOD bless you.


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