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This Woman Is The Most Powerful Employee In My Husband’s Company-Should I Be Worried?


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This Woman Is The Most Powerful Employee In My Husband’s Company-Should I Be Worried?

Good day,

I am a silent follower of lively stones, please keep me anonymous. Today’s story encouraged me to share my situation. I am not saying my case is bad but I just want to know what the house thinks cos its been something that has been bothering me for a while now.

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My husband and I are married, two years now. He runs his own business while I work in an office. My husband’s secretary is also his HR manager. This lady is married but her husband is in South Africa. I have never met her husband but she seemed like a responsible woman. She gives me my respect, I have never had any reason to doubt her.

As one of the closest employee to my husband, my husband trusts her alot. I don’t get into my husband’s business but she can call him most times of the day but not very late except there is an emergency sha. She is responsible for arranging my husband’s travel itenery, even she has handled my travel plans before. She is ok.

The only reason I am writing about her is this:I found out that anytime my husband upgrades any thing he gets for me, he will give her my old item. For example, when we were planning our wedding, my husband upgraded my iphone. He took the old one and gave it to her.

Initially I didn’t think anything but when we got married, my husband upgraded my laptop and gave the lady my old one. I asked him why does he like giving her my old things, he said cos my things may be old but its still very valuable and he likes to reward his most valuable employee with things like that cos that keeps them loyal.

My husband believes in treating employees, especially the ones who are loyal as family. Then, the big one: I used to drive a 2015 toyota camry. That was my push president for giving birth to my first daughter in 2019. I gave birth to our son in March this year,so my husband got me 2020 Venza, very sweet car.

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Do you know my husband wants to give my camry to this lady? Its not like she does not have a car,the company already have her a honda as her official car…now, just because he has upgraded my car, my husband wants to give her my first car which is still very clean cos its tear rubber.

I told my husband no and he was like, its not up for discussion…that I know he would do it. Now, is she the only loyal employee in the world? Is this how everyone treats their staff? why treat her the way you treat your wife?once you upgrade your wife, you upgrade your secretary/HR manager?

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Am I over reacting? Could there be something else going on here? And why is this woman’s husband living in SA and she is in Nigeria? They have 2 children, they go and visit their dad in SA during holidays but the man does not come to Nigeria…I do not feel comfortable with the unsual kindness my husband is giving this lady…especially the fact that the car he gave me, I did not even use it up to two years, just because he bought me another one,he wants to give it to her?

I told my husband to give the car to anyone else not that woman and he said I cant tell him what to do with his money…but the car is mine, should I not have a say who its to be given to at all?He said I am making a mountain out of nothing and his decision is final.

For peace sake, I have kept quiet but that has made my suspicions grow even much more. What can I do? Am I over reacting? Is this not strange the way my husband treats this woman? could there be more?

I am even afraid…what if there is more, what if ,,…ha…my heart will just collapse cos this woman is powerful in my husband’s business…maybe becoming more powerful in my marriage cos the accountant even told me that its the woman sometimes is even the one who suggest the gift my husband should buy for me….does she do that so she can always receive the same gifts passed to her later?

Like I said, she is powerful in the company as secretary and HR, other employees respect…almost fear her sef…she is my husband’s most trusted and loyal staff…he always says that…but is there more? should I be worried? please advice me…especially with the latest that he is giving her my brand new camry car.

Please advise.


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This Woman Is The Most Powerful Employee In My Husband's Company-Should I Be Worried?
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  1. Ma’am your husband might be doing it out of kindness but he might also have a motive behind what he’s doing…

    I am not saying your husband is cheating on you with his HR and I am not saying he isn’t…

    Please like he said don’t make a mountain out of anything but please be vigilant and be sceptical about it…

  2. Try to be friends with that woman. She is very influencial to your husband and has a say in most of the decision making. I will advise you get closer to her and not pull any tantrum because your husband won’t yield.
    From being close to her, you will know more about their relationship.

  3. Yanga dey sleep trouble dey go wake am,madam allow your marriage to breathe,don’t choke it with suspicion biko. Don’t start what you cannot finish, don’t make your husband to start assuming what is not. Allow him do whatever he wants but at the same time be diplomatic in finding out the truth about them if you so wish too. Don’t allow your husband suspect you are trailing him oooo, don’t cause or bring trouble in your peaceful home,do it with wisdom. It is well with your marriage, amen.

  4. I will simply advise you to keep calm and cool.
    Just wait and be patient. The truth about the whole Scene will unfold if you don’t make any fuss

    Meanwhile, don’t fold up your mouth….. Keep talking to God about your bothering issues. He shall help, deliver and sustain you.


  5. Hello ma. Just check his phone when is asleep, search words on whatsapp, like love, like, feelings, miss you, you will confirm it there, also don’t trust people, humans will disappoint you big time, just prepare your mind that he may he cheating, your husband is acting badly to be honest. Just keep calm and do what I said, if its true pls don’t confront him immediately, take time to calm and be at ease, tell him you know, but don’t tell him you checked his phone, pls don’t tell him. You will be fine ma, you surely will be fine, choose to he happy, I keep telling people, your happiness should not come from your partner or spouse but from you. GOD bless you ma. I am Akin


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