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50 Prayer Points Prior To Being Into Any Marital Relationship


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50 Prayer Points Prior To Being Into Any Marital Relationship

This piece is written by Rev. Samuel Adetona, a member of Lively Stones Whatsapp group.

There is a time to build a prayer bank before your marriage.

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In a bank, there are different types of accounts that meets different needs or functions.

You start gradual deposit into your spiritual account, mental account, account for favour, account for mercy, discernment account, in-laws accounts, medical account, repentance account, children account, etc

Hebrews 4:16- let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in times of need.

1 Oh Lord, help me to be spiritually fit for marriage. Matthew 6:33

2 Oh Lord, help me to be mentally fit for marriage. Daniel 1:17

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3 Oh Lord, help me to be financially fit for marriage. Eccl. 10:19

4 Oh Lord, help me to be socially fit for marriage.

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5 Teach me how to develop myself professionally for marriage

6 Oh Lord, help me to be medically fit for marriage. 3 John 2

7 Give me the grace to be ready and fully prepared for marriage

8 Oh Lord, Remember not the sins of my youth, MERCY! MERCY!! MERCY!!! Psalm 25:7

9 Oh Lord, Help me to retract my steps whenever I want to make the mistake of choosing a life partner. 1 Samuel 16: 6-7

10 I cover my future marriage with the blood of Jesus.

11 I Break myself from all evil covenants that work against a peaceful marriage.

12 Let me grow in wisdom and status to be able to choose right. Luke 2:52

13 Show me where the gaps of my life are and the knowledge to fill it. Psalm 16:7

14 Oh Lord, fill me with your love and compassion. Let me love you. Let me love what you love and let me fall in love only with the right person. May I not marry a one chance person. May I not in love with agents of destruction (eg Samson)

15 Let me hear your voice distinctly when am about to choose. Give me the grace of obedience John 10:5 , Isaiah 30:21

16 Oh God, make me the right partner. Luke 15:19

17 Oh Lord, connect me to the right partner. Ruth 2: 4-11

18 Let me find the right/compactible person. Proverbs 18:22

19 May I not miss the right person when he/she comes. Matthew 25 (Parable of the 10 virgins)

20 Let all things work together for my good at the right time. Romans 8:28

21 Let me discern the wrong person. John 10:5

22 Oh Lord, may I not take my future partner for granted.

23 Oh God, do not let another person take my destined future partner away from me. Rev 3:11.

24 Teach me how to be a good wife/husband.
Proverbs 31

25 Teach me how to be a good father/mother.

26 Teach me how to be a good son-in-law/daughter-in-law.

27 Let me find favour in the sight of my husband/wife Proverbs 18:22

28 Let me find favour in the sight of my in-laws Proverbs 18:22

29 Bring me close to the right circle of friends that will impact my marriage positively.
Prov 27:17

30 Dear God, kindly disconnect me completely from senseless, reckless, careless, non-profitable, useless, poisonous, demonic, energy draining, gold diggers, brainless, toxic, deadly, time wasters, heart breakers, stupid, negative and all meaningless RELATIONSHIPS. Proverbs 9:6

31 My Father, my Father… disconnect me permanently from all spirit wives and spirit husbands. Matthew 15:13

32 I break myself from all marital/spiritual blockages

33 By the power of the cross, I break free from all marital obstacles and oppositions. Col 2: 14

34 Every stronghold that may work against my marriage in future, Oh Lord, I pull them down today in Jesus name.
2 Corn 10: 4-5

35 Oh Lord, go into my past and correct everything that is hidden to me about my marriage.

36 Oh Lord, come into my present, please take my hands and be my guide.

37 Oh Lord, go into my future and search out a resting place for me. Numbers 10:33

38 I repent of all my past mistakes, father, in your mercy, forgive me. Psalm 51, 32 and 103

39 Help me oh Lord, not to make the mistake of making a mistake.

40 My marriage shall be colorful, blissful, wonderful, peaceful and fruitful. Col 1:10

41 I have the grace to identify my spouse at the right time.

42 Make my spouse have the grace to recognize me at the right time.

43 My children and I are for signs and wonders.

44 I will improve on the good heritage in the lives and marriages of my parents.

45 I will not repeat any errors/flows in the lives and marriages of my parents.

46 My marital life will be better compared to my single days Proverbs 4:18

47 I will not be put to shame in marriage.

48 Let every good thing in marriage be added to me. Matthew 6:33

49 Let me marry at the right time. I will not have delay in marriage. Eccl 3: 1

50 Let me marry well. Help me to run a good home.

Seek ye first to be the right marital partner, then by prayer and discernment – find the compactible partner, then all other things in marriage will be added unto you

Humbly Yours,

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50 Prayer Points Prior To Being Into Any Marital Relationship
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