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How I Was Deceived Into Marrying A Man With Two Baby Mamas-Pls Advise, I Am Seriously Depressed


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How I Was Deceived Into Marrying A Man With Two Baby Mamas-Pls Advise, I Am Seriously Depressed


Please I’ll like to share my pains with the public to get advice on how to go about it
I’ll like my identity hidden.

I’m a lady of 27yrs, a mother to two beautiful children my first fruit is 7yrs while the second is 5yrs. I came from a polygamous home, where all our bills falls on our mother, we are 5 from my mother side which I happened to be the first born.

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I met my husband in 2010 when I was 17yrs he asked me out and promised to train me and my siblings in school so as to lift some responsibilities from my mother, after a year he told me he’ll like to marry me which I refused cus looking at him he’s old enough to be my father which I asked him about his wife he told me they are no longer together.

I told my mum about him but she refused but because we needed help then I convinced my mum and told her about all his promises.

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In 2013 we got married after marriage I realized he has a wife at home with 7kids and 2baby mamas but I couldn’t turned back cus I didn’t want my mum to start thinking about me again, after our wedding I suffered to an extent of begging for food to eat.

I was 18yrs then and was so naïve, after our wedding everything turned upside down, things were not going well with him but I stood by him, after fasting and prayer

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God answered us, but within this period I’ve caught him 4 times cheating on me which makes me to loose respect and love for him.

About last month he brought a girl of about 15yrs home again that another woman gave birth to her home that I should accept her and train, I’m just 27yrs while he is 60yrs plus please advise me on what to do.

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I’ve fallen out of love with him, but I’m just here because of my kids, he has about 5women including me that produce kids for him. He’s trying his best and I get support from home now that my family are OK, but I don’t love him anymore.

Hope I’ll not die of depression. But he’s insisting I produce more children for him or he’ll take up another wife which I told him to go ahead.

I want to hustle and take proper care of this two I have but I don’t love him anymore…what should I do please advise?


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  1. What are you still doing with such an irresponsible man? That man is not a good person and cannot be a good father to your beautiful kids,it’s unfortunate that you had to fall into this mess when you were a bit younger and also naive. Now, you are a matured woman,you can decide and take the next step by leaving that man if not you will continue to go through emotional trauma and that can lead to depression. Please talk to your family members about it,and let the man know your intentions. Whether you stay or you leave that good for nothing man will keep marrying more women. Peace be unto you and your children.

  2. Pls kindly leave the man and move on with u kids! What kind of man is he ? Giving birth to children up n down when he can’t take responsibility !


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