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Men Would Never Be Cheats Without Women-How My Wife Pushed Me


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Men Would Never Be Cheats Without Women-How My Wife Pushed Me

Hmm, women are as bad as men if not worse. I been reading stories for last couple of days from this blog on how men are cheats and calling men out for misbehaving in their marriages. I agree with what they are saying but I want to say that men cannot be cheats without women. And some women, some wives are the cause of their husbands cheating.

Let me tell you my own story. I met my wife 9 years ago. we dated three years and got married. When I met my wife, she was staying with her best friend on the mainland, we got married and moved to the island. Me and my wife made a pledge that we will not allow anyone come live with us for more than a week, no matter how close that person may be.

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When we got married, my wife’s best friend was in a relationship then but it was an abusive relationship. They eventually broke up and because the friend was living with her boyfriend, she had no where to go, so naturally my wife took her in as her best friend. We both knew it was against our initial plan but are we supposed to throw this girl on the streets?

Where she was working, they were not even paying salaries consistently. So, this her friend moved in with us and before we knew it, from one month, it became five months. She was looking for a job and a place but there was no money to rent a place and she still had not gotten a job.

Then my wife became careless and trusted this so-called best friend too much. This girl began to help out with cooking which my wife never allowed anyone to help with before. So, sometimes before my work comes back from work, this girl would have cooked and served me. I asked my wife why shes allowing her and she said, Ah…Glory is like my blood sister, I trust her.

From cooking, Glory started flirting with me. It was subtle flirting at first, I thought I was the one reading too much into her moves but once my wife is not around, she wears bum shorts and see through. One day, my wife was having a weekend training and this girl was watching a movie in our sitting room. The movie had plenty s8x scenes and she invited me to watch with her.

I did not think anything but soon I felt her hand on my manhood. I was hard from the scenes I watched. I tried to resist cos I thought this cannot be happening. Its my wife’s best friend for God’s sake. But this girl, kept begging and saying she just wants me for s*x nothing more…that she has not been with a guy since her break up which is almost a year now.

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Before I knew it, she was sucking me and we had s*x. I regret that till today but I was weak cos she’s been sending me subtle jabs since and I was already falling gradually. After that, I started avoiding her and keeping late nights ,just so I do not get home before my wife. My wife complained about me keeping late nights but I tried to tell her that I am not comfortable coming home and staying alone with a single lady but my stupid wife still said she trusts me and she trusts her friend.

Now, women, how can you trust so blindly. Yes, you trust me but how do you keep temptation in front of me everyday and keep saying you trust me? God knows I tried to tell my wife to get rid of this girl but she kept falling for the girls’ stupid crocodile tears. That is how this girl continued to live with us even when she got a job, she kept saying house is expensive in lekki, so she wanted to save a little more before moved out.

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We then got pregnant, and one of those days my wife was having morning sickness, she did not go to work, she was sleeping but her friend did not know. My wife said she heard the gate open like around 10am and someone came into the house. Before long, it turns out, her friend was f*cking someone.

That infuriated my wife. Like, how can someone squatting be bringing a man into her house to have s*x thinking she has gone to work. That day, the girl too did not go to work. My wife said she went and sat in the sitting room to see who was banging her friend when he eventually comes out. When they were done, guess who came out of her friend’s room? Our gateman!

My wife was shocked and she fired the gateman. She and her friend quarreled, and she told her friend to leave our house but she refused. When I returned, my wife reported to me and told me expecting me to support her but this girl had called me to warn me not to support my wife else she would expose me, the fact that I too had s*x with her. Because of that, I begged my wife to please forgive her and give her time to find a place.

That is how, this girl continued to misbehave and my wife kept trying to throw her out but could not. Eventually she moved out after our baby was born. Now, that was then o…since that time, this girl and my wife cut off ties but she sometimes forces me to come sleep with her even though she is married with kids. She will blackmail me to say if I refuse, she will tell my wife about us.

So yes, you can say men cheat and are evil but who pushes them to cheat? If my wife had not brought her friend to our house, I would not have strayed neither would I have ever been in this kind of predicament. The truth is, men are actually the weaker vessel. When a woman knows how to control you s*xually, we men become slaves to them forever. Every time I try not to fall into this girl’s trap but she knows how to make a man behave like a slave. I regret the day she came into our apartment.

I laugh when I hear married women say they trust their husbands. Well, its good to trust him when there is no temptation. When there is no other women with assets dangling in front of him. Yes, some men can resist but not for long if the temptation persists. Men will not be happy I am spilling this but its the truth.

Stop trusting blindly. If your man warns you about any woman, take that warning serious. In fact, protect your man from other women cos some women are not smiling o…they will do anything possible even go diabolic. Stop also calling men worst cheats, what of women like this one that are married but still secretly f*ck other men? Are women not also bad?

It takes a cheating woman to make a cheating man. Abi our gateman that this girl slept with when she was staying with us, is he the one that came for her? She definitely came for him. I am not saying cheating is good but no gender does it worse than the other and most times, women are the major cause of cheating. Apart from this girl, many women hit on me, I try not to find myself in compromising situations. even some of my wife’s church friends be giving me signals. Abeg, its not easy o for men.

Sometimes, I fear I will never be able to be free from this girl’s grip cos if I try to end it, she will tell my wife. I love my wife to death…she trusts me with her life….if she finds out I have broken her trust, our marriage will be over. I would rather die with this secret then let my wife find out.

So, I keep her former friend happy by doing her wish but I also feel the pain of betrayal but what else can I do? I know my wife, her father cheated on her mother and they separated, she does not talk to her own father up till date…so how do I think she will forgive me her own husband if she ever gets to find out?

I am willing to learn if there is anyway else…please make una advise me so I can be faithful totally to my wife and family.


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Men Would Never Be Cheats Without Women-How My Wife Pushed Me
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  1. To me, I don’t think you are remorseful, how can you say men are slaves to women for sex, pls speak for yourself, we are all not like you pls. All you said shows you are not in anyway remorseful.

    You kept blaming your wife for you own adultery, that’s disturbing to say. You are fully responsible for your adultery Mr, your wife wasn’t the one that told you to watch the sex scenes with her, that did all the bad things with her, you did, so pls DO NOT BLAME YOUR WIFE for it, I’m also a man, but I find is disturbing when men or women blame their wives/husbands for the adultery they committed.

    You kept sleeping with this strange lady but you wanna blame your wife, no sir..that’s wrong.

    My advise is, tell your wife. We all must STOP this adultery in our society, its killing us both spiritually and physically. Mr, I hope you stop, and pls don’t blame your wife when you find out she is cheating, since you blamed her all through for yours.

    Men and women PLS FLEE FROM ADULTERY, flirting and the likes.

  2. There is no excuse when it comes to cheating. Stop giving excuses and blaming your wife for bringing in her friend. Where is the place of self control and discipline? Immediately she started doing do nonsense, you would have called her to order, after all its your house and not hers. You already had the mind to cheat and be promiscuous with your wife’s friend and that is why you fell for her tricks. You better stop seeing that woman,you are committing ”double adultery” the punishment and disgrace will be severe by the time her husband finds out and likewise your wife. Stop this nonsense and stop giving flimsy excuses about being weak and bla bla bla. Desist from that woman and every other distraction, your wife does not deserve this treatment. It is well with you. What you don’t want ,you don’t want,learn to always say NO to immortality.

  3. Poster you seem to be justifying this your cheating o.
    Bad as it may seem that you’re still cheating on your wife with a married woman who is her friend, you don’t seem remorseful at all.
    We as adults are responsible for our actions.
    We know what is good and what is bad so when we do bad we shouldn’t go around blaming someone else for our actions.
    Please stop cheating on your wife.
    From your write-up you know the impact cheating has on her, retrace your steps and be better.
    God bless.

  4. I laugh in another language.
    So you are still banging her ex friend who’s married now with kids and you are still blaming your wife?
    Nothing stays hidden forever.
    You should have confessed it from day one but you were happy enjoying it.
    Your day is coming and your cup will soon be filled up.
    Blaming your wife for your lack of self control is just the height of it.
    Maybe the first time was a mistake but not anymore.
    You willingly drive to go meet a married woman so you can have sex and you are claiming she’s threatening you?

    OK na.

  5. Dear poster, you are an adult for crying out loud.
    From my own view, you have fucked up big time! You couldn’t control urself and u still continued in Sin- can grace abound??

    Please, retrace your steps by putting a stop to seeing that lady.
    There’s no excuse for cheating especially this one that you even continued after the first one was “a temptation” according to u.

  6. This is really funny to be honest. Giving that your wife trusted her friend and you blindly, it’s not entirely her fault that you decided to cheat.

    You said your vows with her and so it’s your responsibility to be faithful to her no matter what she does as long as she’s your wife… Everything you said here is just excuses.

    Men are slaves to sex, like seriously?? Speak for yourself please.


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