Home Advice My Husband Cheated And I Reconnected With My Ex – Please Advise

My Husband Cheated And I Reconnected With My Ex – Please Advise

My Husband Cheated And I Reconnected With My Ex – Please Advise


I need matured inputs please.

I am a married woman, with a child.

My Marriage has been really rocky. Quarrels every now and then.

What basically causes the problems is our differences, we just don’t understand each other, it wasn’t so visible during dating.

Although we did not date for long….but being married, it has been from one issue to the other, right from a week after our wedding.

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I have always contemplated leaving, but I am yet to be fully independent.

Sometime this year, I found out he has been cheating (I was not surprised, but I was heart-broken) my discovery strengthened my resolve to leave the union.

In the process of nursing my heartbreak, I reconnected with an ex, we got talking and he helped my heal. I did not tell him what I was going through at the time…I was just enjoying the attention he was showing me.

I should state that I did not tell my husband about his cheating, I held all the emotions back, it was a very difficult period for me because I am usually the outspoken type.

My ex is not based in the country where me and my husband reside, we just communicate on phone, he says he misses me and would want us to meet when he is in town.

I should also state that my ex was married but divorced.

I would not deny my having feelings for my ex, and I also do not want to believe in a fairytale ending, I am just confused.

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  1. No relationship comes served on a platter of gold.
    It takes time and effort to build any relationship.
    Instead of bottling up your feelings, you should confront your husband because I see you are on your way to doing the same thing he’s doing if you keep on with your ex.

    Some relationships are better left in the past. Stop talking to your ex and try communicating with your husband on the way forward.

    I know it’s easier said than done as your feelings for him might already be dead but marriage is a huge deal. You can’t just opt out and leave.

    Please and please, communicate. Communicate.

    I pray God restores your lovely marriage.

  2. My sister. I will be truthful with you, BLOCK YOUR EX, I MEAN BLOCK HIM, PLS. Adultery is killing us, you and husband should discuss. I still said it two days ago here, when a lady started seeing her ex who is married, I advised her to forget about him, why would you keep contact of your ex, block him off, he even told you he will like to meet him when he is in town, pls dear, BLOCK HIM TOTALLY, we should NEVER EVER relate with an ex when we marry. This thing adultery is really destroying us, but sadly we see as a little thing. Have a deep conversation with your husband to know what went wrong, or it is possible he pretended while your guys were dating, he hid his double life from you, but its good you haven’t slept with your ex since he is not in town, but stop cheating emotionally, that’s where it starts from. I wish I could relate with you husband, he MUST stop adultery, he is only destroying himself. Dear friend, discuss with your hubby, have a deep conversation, you too should examine yourself if you have any fault, if this continues, pls see family elders, I mean parents. You will he fine sister, keep yourself for only your husband, forget your ex, pls ex is expired, extinct, external, let him get his own babe, you are married. All is well

  3. Women should start looking for their own happiness them self, your husband cheating on you and you don’t like it and you are not happy about it, and you think you going to cheat with your ex boyfriend will make you happy? No my dear ❤️ it will get Bad women know it if a man cheated on you, he will do it again and again if you don’t want your husband to cheat on you? Please save your sanity because if you don’t you are not living a healthy lifestyle for you to live and take care of your only child you have now. Marriage is not a ticket to heaven or being with a man is not an obligation it is a personal choice think deeply if you want to be with both men, is a choice you only got to make for your self, because marriage is not an obligation I pay for your God to give you wisdom understand and knowledge to make the right decision in your life, good luck.


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