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My Destiny Helper Gives Me Everything But I Need A Job-Pls Advise


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My Destiny Helper Gives Me Everything But I Need A Job-Pls Advise

Hello please keep me anonymous. I’m a young lady of 25 years and I finished my youth service last year and have been unemployed for a year now. During my youth service I met a very influential and wealthy man and we’ve been dating for over a year now.

Truth is he has been my destiny helper and has helped me immensely. (He is way older than me , in his fifties and we may not settle together, I can’t tell but we’re just having fun. please do not judge me. It’s the situation) He has provided accommodation for me and pays me weekly. I lack nothing and he has been amazing.My only problem is he doesn’t want me to work.

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Not to blow my horn but I’m a very brilliant lady with excellent results from the university yet he doesn’t want me to work and it’s beginning to frustrate me. I got a job and he forced me to turn it down because he says he doesn’t feel safe.

I started a business and he stopped me because he says he doesn’t want to loose me to another man because I’m respectful, calm and a good girl. He is very protective and jealous. Now my mates are working and I feel bad sometimes because they’re all expecting a lot from me because of my performance in school and I’m tired of being idle. It’s always been my dream to be a career lady.

I’ve been very depressed lately and pleading with him to help me get a job because he is very influential but he doesn’t want to assist me. He even has his own company but he says he can’t employ me because we can’t be in the same environment. Yet he doesn’t want to talk to any of his friends to also employ me. I just don’t understand and it’s killing me.

Why doesn’t he want me to work? and How do I convince him to help me secure a job ? Please help. I’ve tried searching on my own but not getting any job because is all about who you know and I don’t have anyone aside him who can help.


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My Destiny Helper Gives Me Everything But I Need A Job-Pls Advise
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  1. Hmmm, the fact that you are with a married man isn’t good at all
    I won’t say more than that
    There are other things you can do at the comfort of your home without going out that would fetch you your own income

  2. Hi poster,
    I think it’s time you think about yourself the more. Knowing fully you can’t be together and he’s already a made man. Why don’t you go ahead,find a job and end the relationship because I don’t think it’s taking you anywhere and you are the one really wasting your time jot him.
    Is he married? If yes please end everything and move!

  3. Is better u cut d relationship off wit the man,is so selfish to him self alone! This man in question has children n wife oo,and am very sure his wife will definitely Have a good buss or job at hand. Pls don’t let any sugar dad to rule ur life for u! If is truly ur destiny helper he should give u a opportunity offer not sleeping with u n given u money,and he doesn’t want you achieve ur aim as a youth lady .. Sis is better u cut off this man,his a destiny killer

  4. Your story is not complete ,this man is married and you know he has a wife and wont marry you,yet you didn’t state it rather you said he is in his fifties and might not marry you, that you people are just having fun. It is either you continue to enjoy his money while it last or you cut off the relationship and be the career woman you have always wanted to be. If you want your freedom, leave him alone but I know after this advice ,you will still do what your minds wants. You are still enjoying yourself, so why are you complaining? Are you even ready to work? Just be careful the path you are threading on, thread with caution

  5. Hmmmm…
    Truth be told, you know what to do, but selfish desires won’t let you make the right decision.
    That relationship is not healthy for you for the following reasons:
    1.Any relationship that involves you dating a man way way older than you means 2things, you are dating a married man(sugar daddy things) and such relationship has no healthy future.
    2. Any relationship that won’t allow you become the best of yourself is toxic and it will affect your mental and emotional health. I can bet you that your self-esteem is already being affected.

    This is what to do:
    Cut off that relationship and build yourself.
    Humans are not created to be eternally dependent on another human.
    You have to learn how to be responsible.
    The only thing limiting you is your selfish desires. The material things you gain from him.
    You are scared of the financial responsibility of being an adult. Honestly, ‘adulting’ is never easy but it’s worth it.
    Life in general is not easy. It wasn’t meant to be easy.

    You can do better, only if you decide to face life head-on

  6. Leave that man, both of you are doing evil, if he is married, you are sleeping with another woman’s husband (murder) and also fornicating, he too is doing adultery but if he is not married both of you are fornicating. That man may even be occultic who knows he may be using your good fortune, these things happen very well, you better drop the relationship asap. Stop the evil lifestyle sister. Pls stop it. I strongly advise you to do test to know if you have any sexually transmitted infection or disease.

  7. Hanty ooh!! Sorry please but eeh, u need to start living life please. Stop living for other. The man is grown n made. What is Ur faith if he should lie death now or incommunicado? Not praying for him though, but shit happens. Please be responsible for yourself.


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