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Beware Of Fake Prophesies-My Boyfriend Always Believes In Prophesy, Pls Advise


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Beware Of Fake Prophesies-My Boyfriend Always Believes In Prophesy, Pls Advise

Please I want to know if this a red flag in my relationship. I would like to remain anonymous. I just turned 30 years old last August. It is my desire to be married by 30. I met my boyfriend in March this year and he is talking marriage towards the end of this year or early next year.

My boyfriend is kind and good to me. He lives abroad and we communicate everyday. I have met his family and my parents have told him they are waiting for him to come and do introduction, so its like, our families are ok with us. His parents are old and they are in the village, but his Auntie that raised him lives here in PH.

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So, my boyfriend’s Aunty is someone that believes alot in religious things like generational curses, deliverance and all that prophecy. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Christian but I also know there are fake prophets. I am inspired by his Auntie’s prayer life but to me, she is one of those religious prostitutes that go from church to church seeking prayer.

My boyfriend attends the same church with me, but he is abroad now, so he attends a similar church but not like RCCG. What I have seen is that , my boyfriend always listen to his Aunty who is always praying for him. Sometimes she fast for him. Like there are people who don’t want him to succeed abroad but she is like his mentor or spiritual adviser.

This abroad sef, is Turkey he is living o. But his Aunty is always praying and covering him in prayer against any bad people who wish him evil. So, because of that, my boyfriend is always sending her money to appreciate her and all that.

From what me I see though, this woman is exploiting my boyfriend with her over spiritual lifestyle.  Once she needs money, she will see one vision and will need money to pray against bad people. In my mind, I know as a Christian, you can pray, you don’t have to be giving prophets money all the time to pray for you.

Besides, who are the enemies, are they not always tired? My boyfriend says he too he just wonders but his Aunty says if not for her prayers, bad things will have happened. In fact, the entire family used to call her for prayers or for her to interpret dream. They say most of the things she says come to pass. Maybe she has a gift.

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Well, something happened. This woman told my boyfriend that one of her prophets saw a vision that the girl he wants to marry will bring problem to his life but he should send 2 million so they will pray and reverse the evil. That the problem will be caused by an outside woman o but that when he marries me, I will be a constant source of problem to him because of the other woman.

In fact, when I heard this, I first laughed so hard that my boyfriend thought I was crazy. Why I laughed was: so, the prophecy said I will be a problem to him when we marry but the the person behind the problem will be an outside woman. What does that mean? Does it mean, my boyfriend will have like a baby mama or side chic that will be a source of problem to me?

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Does it mean that because of that, I will be giving my husband (by then) trouble because of the outside woman? Or is this just another way of them trying to tell me that this my boyfriend may have another woman he is hiding from me? Or his Aunty and her prophet are trying to scam my boyfriend?

I think all the above is possible, especially the scam part. They want to scam him of 2 million. I told my boyfriend not to pay that money but he said he will because he always believes his Aunty. I told him to open his eyes and stop being used as a puppet by his Aunty and he said I will never understand cos she raised him up, and she will never do anything to harm him.

Well, now I am wondering if this is a red flag for this relationship and future marriage? So, anything this Aunty says is the final? So, my own counsel as a wife will not count in the marriage where his Aunty and her 419 prophesies are involved? This woman is just milking this guy and he blinded by the fact that she raised him …when I mean raise, he was a houseboy to her until he made it and travelled out.

Now, she wants to continue to milk him with all kinds of jamboree prophesy. I love my boyfriend and I know I have prayed about him and I know he is God’s will for me but I am seriously questioning the place of his Auntie in our future marriage? Will all these her interference stop when we marry cos I will not allow such nonsense to continue.

For me, I will never be a problem to any man that marries me. By God’s grace, I will be a big blessing to the man and he will be happy he met me and married me. If anyone wants to come in-between us, I will not allow it. Except my boyfriend and his Aunty are planning to have side chick that they are hiding from me right? Do you think they are hding something?

I know there are some of you here that believe in prophesy but this particular one is baffling me because I know 2Million to reverse prophesy is not scriptural. Why cant they pray without 2 million? Why cant we pray and give any amount we are led by God to give if we must give something? And really, I know in my heart this is not right…why cant my boyfriend agree with me? Is he brain washed or under his Aunty’s influence?

Another thing is this Aunty does not believe in any other person’s Christianity or church. says her own is the only one that is genuine Christianity. She is fond of calling my church new generation church that has no virtue.

Please advise me, how do I go about this? Can I manage this Aunty in this relationship and future marriage….or is this a red flag for me to walk away now?

Please advise.


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  1. Hello Lady, this is to let you know his Aunty is either gullible or dubious.
    Anyways, my mother inlaw is also like that. She visits prayer houses and request for cash from my husband. To the point they took my name to various pastors for prayers.
    When it got to a point, I told my then boyfriend that I was not interested in their prayers anymore, and he should stop informing me about the Mom’s financial request when it comes to prayers, if he will only inform me but listen to his mom.
    After marriage, whenever hubby complains about a personal issues, I just inform him to send cash to his mom for prayers since “we” are not qualified enough to seek God’s face.
    Whenever his mom brings in some spiritual substance, I ask him to either use and avoid me coz I will not be a party to voodoo. With time my hubby got exhausted and ignored his mom and her prayers.
    In the background, I was also praying for my husband.
    Today, he will fight whoever talks about a dime for prayers.
    Then, ask your boyfriend why he intends to pay such an amount if he doesn’t have a baby mama nor intend to get one when he gets married.
    Let him know you might forgive him if he has a baby mama, but you will not remain in the marriage if you find out after you are married to him.

  2. My dear you cannot manage ooo,truth be told,this woman has great influence on your boyfriend, infact he will only be doing what his aunt says ooo and he will not even listen to you in marriage, so how do you want to cope? She is just exploiting him,there is no truth in all of these prophecies, they are fake. Please decide on what to do now before it is too late,not getting married at the age of 30 is not too bad,the important thing is to marry right biko. He doesn’t love you and not ready for marriage, so face front if you can’t deal with all these mess. With his aunt in his life,he will be controlled. It is well with aunt’s boy

  3. I will give my own advise based on one conviction you mentioned.

    You said the guy is God’s will for you. Then if that’s it, remain prayerful that God will let your bf stopped getting influenced by your Aunty. Also your hubby is okay enough to be paying the money, so if you are to continue with the relationship, don’t be involved in this matter. Let him keep paying whenever he tells you about his Aunt’s prophecies and billings, just leave everything to him (even though you will keep reminding him how you don’t like the way he keeps giving out money to his Aunt’s prophecies all the time) and then continue praying that one day he will change. If you truly believed he is God’s will for you, then surely, you will have enough faith to believe that God will win him over his Aunt through your prayers.

    If you are not so sure he is God’s will for you and you are dating him based on your own intuition and perception, then it’s up to you to decide whether to continue the relationship or not. As the bound between the Aunt and your bf won’t be easily broken. She will keep billing him and it will only take something special like prayer and God to break such bonds. So if you can’t pray too much over it and you can’t cope with the situation, abeg threaten to leave the relationship first and if your bf should beg you to continue but the giving of money to his Aunt’s prophecies still continued after that, then run away from that relationship. That’s if you can’t cope with it oooo.

    I wish you well.

  4. But sister, how can you meet someone online in another country in march and want to marry him, that is so so unreasonable, who does that, are you desperate or what.

    Pls forget the guy, the guy is gullible, he is acting mumu. Leave him, let him learn the painful way, a genuine servant of GOD doesn’t collect money for prayers or prophecies.

    Tell him to stop sending money to her, but I doubt he will stop. My dear sister, pls break up with him.


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