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What Are The Spiritual Consequences Of Marrying The Wrong Person?


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What Are The Spiritual Consequences Of Marrying The Wrong Person?


My husband died four years ago. He was a very good man, his sudden death was a shock for me, I never thought I could ever move on. I thought I would remain single for the rest of my life. For the past two years, people have been telling me to move and find someone to marry but I refused.

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My husband’s family are quite supportive of me and they check on me from time to time. Especially my father-inlaw. My father in-law is an ex service man and he is very kind to me and my children. He wanted us to have a vacation together and he sponsored our trip to Maldives last year.

We had a really good time at the vacation. We all booked an apartment and during our time then, I started noticing my father in-law touching me inappropriately sometimes. I shrugged it off initially cos I thought he was just being a fatherly person. But a few days later, he tried to kiss me and in shock, I pushed him away.

Later on, he apologized for trying to kiss me but he said he has been watching me, an attractive young woman wasting her life away just because my husband died. That he wants me to be happy again and find love. That he knows its wrong of him but he always thought his son, my late husband was a lucky man to have me for a wife.

My father in-law told me that I should not see his attraction to me as wrong because we are not family by blood cos, his grandchildren are his true blood that I can feel free to be with him. Just so that, I will feel alive again.

To be honest, the way he explained it seemed very right. He gave instances from the bible where father even married their daughters to bear children in the olden days. And some people married their cousins. This man has been divorced from his wife, my mother in-law for over 16 years and he is never remarried. He has several women but none of them he has married.

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After he convinced me, I let him kiss me and since then, he has been taking care of my s*xual needs. We both kept this a secret because we knew people would judge us but right now, we are both very much in love an he wants to marry me. I am sorry I fell in love with my father in-law but he really makes me happy. I know to alot of people, that is wrong cos he is my father in-law but the relationship is not biological but social.

Its been over a year since we have been in a relationship. We broke up briefly in April this year and I tried to date someone younger but I did not feel loved and cared for like my father in-law. At his age, my father in-law can really give good action to a woman. I had to go back to him.

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Now, I am pregnant. We both decided to tell our families about what was going on even though we thought they would not support us. Surprisingly, his family , his son accepted but his daughter refused but he told me not to worry, that with time, he would win her over.

The only people not in support are my family especially my mother. As I feared, she says my father in-law is not good enough for me, that I should find a young man who will take care of me and not die soon and leave me widowed a second time. My father in-law is 62, while I am 37. He is very fit and does not have any health issues, so I am not afraid of anything.

My dad is just worried about what people will say and worried that this decision will have spiritual consequences. That is my major fear. I fear God and I know that certain things have repercussion in life? I know there are some traditions that allow the wife of their  late son marry their brother or father, are there really spiritual consequences of my father is just trying to scare me?

If there are spiritual consequences, what do I then do especially because I already with child, should I just have the baby without getting married or should I terminate the pregnancy? My ex husband died mysteriously, I do not want death again or something bad to happen again. Please, anyone with experience in such matters should please advice me.


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  1. Dear Mrs, pls stop deceiving yourself, pls stop it, you didn’t see any other man, its your father in law you saw….come on now. That man should be ashamed.

    That some family members approve of it does not make it right, both of you are fornicating, its not love, it is lust.

    Pls do not do abortion, have the baby and keep distance from your father in law, how do you tell people you are sleeping with your father in law and even want to marry him, I’m sure you can’t even say this in public.

    Dear Mrs, pls DROP THIS EVIL before it drops you. I hope the scales is cleared from hour eyes soon. Peace

  2. I hope its not too late for u to see this advice.

    My sister what you are comiting is a sin. Don’t get brainwashed too much.

    “If a man has sex with his daughter-in-law, both must be put to death. They have committed a perverse act and are guilty of a capital offense.
    Leviticus 20:12 NLT

    Read the whole of Leviticus chapter 18 and 20 for all other information and avoid bringing affliction upon yourself.

    I pray God opens your eyes and mind quickly


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