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How I Let The Devil Into My Home-Will My Marriage Survive This?


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How I Let The Devil Into My Home-Will My Marriage Survive This?

Last Friday, I met a lady who came to prayer mountain and we got talking after prayers. This lady told me to send my story to lively stones for advise. So my story goes like this: I have been married for nine years and six months. When I met my husband, we decided to wait as Christians for marriage before s*x.

After marriage, we started trying to have children but for three years, there was nothing forth coming. That is when I joined my present church cos I was told they fast and pray alot for people looking for the fruit of the womb and they always have results.

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A year after I joined the church, I got pregnant but had a miscarriage along the way. The following year, I had another miscarriage.  One woman that I used to take as my prayer partner, she too got pregnant and had several miscarriages. Her husband and his people frustrated her to the point that she moved out of her home.

My husband and I accepted her when she came to plead with us to let her stay with us. While living with us, we used to pray together, pray for her marriage and for God to bless us with fruit of the womb.

Later, she went back to her home but since we already bonded, she sometimes comes to my place for all night prayers with me. So, after a little while, she got pregnant again. And to the glory of God, she gave birth to a boy. I was truly happy for her but I started having issues when I noticed that since she gave birth, she did not want to relate to me anymore.

I was surprised cos I do not believe she can treat me like this just because she now have a baby and I do not have one yet. She stopped taking my calls or visiting, always saying she is busy with her baby and when I want to come and visit her, she will say she dont want any evil eye around her baby.

My husband advised me to leave her alone and focus on my case. As time went on, I started having issues with my husband. This man that used to be very supportive started being mean to me. He stopped praying with me, saying I am the one that needs to pray cos he is now sure that he is not the cause of our not having a baby,…that its me that cannot carry a baby in my womb due to one thing or the other.

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I did not get what changed him but I just hated how much he stopped caring for me. The next thing, our pastor called me and said he wanted to tell me something. He told me that lady and her husband are breaking up cos my husband was caught having s*x with the woman in their home.

From confession, the woman said that she and my husband has been sleeping together since she was in my house that time they were having issues and that my husband is responsible for their baby. My world crumbled at hearing this from my pastor. They wanted to tell me cos my husband told them that he and the woman are planning to marry. The church suspended both my husband and the woman.

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That minute, I almost lost my mind. I started to blame myself for bringing a devil into my home to scatter it. My husband confirmed what the pastor said as being true. They both got an apartment and my husband moved out of our home.  I am not divorced neither am I with my husband. Its been almost seven months since all these happened.

I have been told to pray for my husband for him to return to his senses. I gave him 9 years of my life, two miscarriages…yet he left me for someone else just because of a child. I am here praying for him but its like this man does not even think about me. I told myself if this year ends and I do not hear from my husband, I will file for divorce.

I am exhausted, betrayed and tired of crying and praying. I need advise on what next to do. My family keeps blaming me for bringing that woman to my home. They have called my husband to come and tell them if he is no longer marrying  but he has refused to come. I sometimes see vision that he will come back to me praying and begging me after the juju that woman used for him clears.

It was at this prayer mountain, this lady advised me to share my story with lively stones. What should I do? Do you think my marriage will still work after this? How long should I continue to pray and wait? Some Christians say I should divorce ,some say divorce is a sin…but what should I do in my case?


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  1. Pls ma leave that man now and move on with your life you are only wasting your time and energy on someone that does not give a hoot about you, may God strengthen you and give you the grace to forge ahead amen

  2. So sorry for what you’re going through Ma’am.
    Please take things easy.
    You helped a woman who was thrown out of her husband’s home, that’s good.
    It wasn’t your fault that your husband started cheating on you with the so called lady. They are both adults and are responsible for their actions.
    Right now I want you to be happy. Your happiness is in your hands. Its not going to be easy but take it one day at a time.
    Be thankful to God for all his blessings, live your life and be happy.
    Do not file for a divorce.
    Do not count anything that happened as your fault.
    Asides from marriage have a life.
    Your life cannot be tied to one man. He hurt you Yes! But what’s next?
    It’s to move on with your life.
    I pray God touches his heart to turn back but even if he doesn’t keep yourself happy, adopt or help a child and live your life!

    • Now the battle you have to fight is the hurt, regret and bitterness you harbour against them both. As you pray ask the Lord to grant you the grace to love them and forgive them. He will be restored to you the moment you stop accusing them openly or covertly in Yr heart.
      Fight the battle and command Yr husband back. Command the the lost love and commitment into his spirit. Jesus said ” Father , forgive them for they don’t know what they do” they are truly responsible adults but they are not themselves. 2Tim 2:26. The devil has gained mastery and control over them but you have the power through love to deliver them.

  3. Dear one, pls do not take the blame at all, your husband is 100% responsible for what he did not you. You don’t need to divorce him, he already divorced himself.

    Praying is good but you see, i feel praying for him will only keep hurting you but if you believe you can get him back through prayers, then who am I to discourage you.

    You are exhausted..yes, but pls cheer up, GOD will visit you dear one, he will, you helped that lady but I don’t encourage people to bring opposite sex to their homes, it may sound wicked and harsh but it is the best, only you and husband in the home no other man or woman is allowed.

    Now you helped her and she betrayed you so you see what I said up is true. Move on with your life, and don’t rush into another man, take time to heal..trust me you will heal, its just time.

    You can watch comedy skits to make you laugh, listen to sermons that will lift you up, you will heal. If you have a sister that can come stay with you to keep company cos being alone will trigger you to cry.

    Pls, don’t blame yourself for what they both did, its the reason why I tell people, do not trust anyone, be it husband or wife cos people will do what they want whether you trust them, love them or not…cheating is a planned intentional deliberate wicked act, it can never be a mistake.

    Dear one, you will heal.

  4. Take the reins of your life back. You need to be happy. I won’t say you should stop praying for him, I will rather say focus more on yourself and pray for yourself. That man doesn’t deserve your tears, appreciate yourself, look beautiful and treat yourself nicely.
    God bless you.

  5. Dear poster,
    I’m sorry for what you are going through, don’t blame yourself, both of them are adults and responsible for their actions….Note: miscarriages can be caused by difference in Rhesus factor or hot belle. I love the fact that you are seeking the face of God but also try to seek medical help… try as much as possible to be happy with yourself , don’t worry everything will be fine beautiful….

  6. Please ma move on, why wait and be sad when he’s enjoying his life? If you keep waiting, you will wait till old age before he comes back to you with sicknesses for you to manage after spending his youth making another woman happy. Wake up


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