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How My Jealous Aunty Took My Son & The Men That Wanted To Love Me


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How My Jealous Aunty Took My Son & The Men That Wanted To Love Me

This story is about being careful who you trust…I cannot trust people around me…not my family  or any one. That is why I need your advice.

So, seven years ago, I got pregnant and dropped out of school for a year because my parents were so angry with me for disappointing them. That was the lowest point in my life. I felt so ashamed but thanks to my Aunty, she supported me and I lived with her for a year with the pregnancy until I gave birth and was able to go back to school and focus on my studies.

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You see, this my Aunty is like my Father’s younger sister even though not directly. She was taken into my grand parents home and they raised her up like their own in their old age. So, she is like 39 years old and my grand parents are late, the family sees her like the last child but she is not…you know.

Being 21 years old and pregnant was no fun. Like I said, my parents did not want to see me. I had to leave the house and stay with Aunty Tina for that year. I gave birth and Aunty T helped me look after my son while I went back to school. The father of my son is married. I did not know, he told me he was single and I believed him until I got pregnant and he refused to take responsibility.

Well, after the baby was born, he had a change of heart and would send money for upkeep for the boy. Sometimes, he would send me money for my schooling. Eventually, I graduated and started working three years later. Just after I graduated, I met a handsome young man, my boyfriend who has been my rock since then.

However, my baby daddy is had a change of heart and he would come visit my son regularly. From then, he and Aunty T started having an affair. They hid the affair from me for these three years. My baby daddy’s wife left him last year and its like the marriage is over. He started to come back to me, toasting me to marry him since his wife has left. I did not know he was in a relationship with Aunty T too. Do you know that Aunty T and my son just relocated to Canada this year? I just found out…

Of course, I did not raise any eyebrows when Aunty T told me and my family that she was relocating with my son. My parents have still not forgiven me and Aunty has been raising this boy for me so I felt it was a good opportunity for my son cos I was just a new graduate and even though the father was supporting, I could not give him a better life than what Aunty would give him.

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So, how did I find out? I kept rejecting my baby daddy advances cos I too still feel hurt that he lied to me when he was married and got me pregnant and abandoned me in the process.  He kept begging and I decided to confide in Aunty T, to get her opinion about his proposal cos Aunty is like my confidant as well.

Aunty discouraged me and told me not to bother about him cos he is a liar and will break my heart again. Aunty even told my parents not to allow me fall for my baby daddy antics again. Aunty also fed my boyfriend wicked lies about me, I also found out. That I am a slot and the man left me in July this year. I never knew all of these before.

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But God so kind…somehow, one of Aunty’s friends whom she is very close to, called me to tell me that Aunty’s relocation to Canada is to give birth because she is pregnant and my baby daddy is responsible for her pregnancy. And that Aunty was the one responsible for my boyfriend leaving me. That she is jealous how a small girl like me has a baby daddy, a son and a fiancé yet, she is still unmarried.

I thought she was just being a wicked friend and I called Aunty to ask her…she denied it…I called my baby daddy….he agreed to tell me the truth if I can forgive him no matter what the truth is…I said yes I forgive him…he said yes…that Aunty is pregnant with his child. That she was throwing herself at him all the time, even when I got pregnant, that he was ready to leave his wife then and assume responsibility but Aunty made him believe that I was a bad girl and he was better off without me…so he abandoned me.

Later on, when his wife finally left, he came to seek Aunty’s advice on how to get back to me …but Aunty promised to help him convince me to come back to him…if only he cooperated with her…that the affair was just a few times, to appease Aunty cos she is lonely. That he made her understand that it was me that he always wanted and she convinced him to do her bidding so she can help me get me because I listen to Aunty and follow her advice all the time.

I called my ex fiance…and he also confirmed that Aunty told him how I had several abortions before I was 18 years and that me having a son for a married man was because I was warned by doctors not to have any more abortions or risk my life.

Now, I am completely at loss at what to do…I finally tell my parents what is happening. They are mad at Aunty for lying and deceiving me. They now see how I was a victim of someone who claimed to be helping me but was just a devil. I still keep asking myself: what did I do to Aunty that she did this evil thing to me?

My ex boyfriend has realized he was deceived. My baby daddy too has realized and they are both begging me to marry them. Both men hurt me but they did that because of my own Aunty. What should I do? My parents has given their blessings for me to marry my baby daddy cos they too dont like the idea that I have a child outside wedlock…but truly, how do I marry a man who lied to me about his marital status and got my Aunty pregnant?

Or how do I accept my ex who believed all the lies he was told about me without asking me?

My parents are pressuring me to accept my baby daddy… I think its just for their own selfishness…to cover their shame of their daughter having a child outside wedlock…but what about Aunty’s unborn child? they say because she is not exactly related by blood to them, it does not count…and that with marriage to my baby daddy, it will be easy to get my son back from Aunty.

I still feel weird and confused…I don’t know who has my best interest right now: my family or my ex boyfriend or my baby daddy…certainly not my Aunty(who has stopped picking our calls)…..I am finding it hard to trust anyone…I feel so alone and yet two men are asking for my hand in marriage…I do not want to keep loosing…please advice me.


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  1. Pls don’t marry ur baby father,why on earth will u go back to s1 dat left u ,when ur pregnant n even lie to u his was not married, and at d same time slept with ur aunt.plsy dear get it right o.don’t be a victim twice. As for ur bf kindly forgive him n let him ow hurting it was for him to believe ur aunt without comforting d issues from u. If u still love him u can go for u bf..pls never wise in ur decision making

  2. You need to think deep about your ex boy friend. He heard something about you and without asking you he acted on it and yet he claim to love you? His a full grown man and ought to take responsibility for his action without blaming anyone. Will he accept your son? Your Aunty stopped picking your call and that means you’re not in touch with your son anymore.

    You never said if your baby daddy has kids from he’s first marriage. Why did the wife left him? Now he also should take responsibility for he’s action too and remove your Aunty from the picture because I cannot see how a woman would lure me to sleep with her just to help me convince her baby sister to marry me after i messed her up. Sounds too good to be true.

    Your parents may have a point but you have the final say. If they had supported you during the time of your pregnancy your Aunty would not have been in the picture too. Now they are trying to ameliorate issue. They have a point too as you need to get involved in your sons life too. First you must forgive everyone involved here. Your Aunty, parents, ex boy and baddy and yourself too.

    Finally don’t be in a hurry to marry either of them. Seek for more time. Ask your baby daddy to bring back your son or make you have access to him to start with. They should give you more time and focus more on building yourself. Good luck.

  3. Take a break from all of them. Get your sanity back before prayerfully taking any decisions. Aside from him being your baby daddy, pls have nothing to do with him abeg. Shalom

  4. Im bothered about your son, he is in canada with your aunty, how come, this doesnt sound right at all. I think your ex will be the best option not the baby daddy. Just make sure you give distance to your baby daddy so you dont fall into the trap of having sex with him. I have always said it here, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE, it is in the bible. Please take your time before getting back to your ex. But im SO CONCERNED about your son that is in canada with your son…im so concerned, pls do something about it ASAP.

  5. Hello,

    Please do what you can to get your son.

    He is in the hands of someone who has told so much lies about you and expecting her own child who would become her priority.

    You would not want your child growing up to learn lies about his mother too.

    All the best

  6. Waaow, it seems you are more concerned about who to marry than your innocent child who is under the care of another woman, a crafty frienemy. Don’t you want the child again? Both men don’t deserve you, I advise you try and get your child back.


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