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My Wife Built Our Marriage On Secrets & Deception That Will Haunt Me Forever


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My Wife Built Our Marriage On Secrets & Deception That Will Haunt Me Forever

I am a 45 year old man living in pain and regret. I beg to be prayed for and given good counsel so I can find peace in my heart. Nine years ago, I met my wife through a friend. She was that type of religious woman, yes, a good Christian woman who showed piety in every thing: her looks, dressing and attitude.

Of course, its every man’s dream to marry a good woman. She fit the description of what I wanted. Being the first son of my mother, my mother and I share a special bond which I never knew was a problem for my wife. When we got married, my wife began to fall sick especially when she was pregnant in the early stages of our marriage.

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Things were also going down for me after we got married. I own a dealer business and I already was making good money when I got married. After wedding, dollar started falling so bad that my business was so affected. My wife being a religious person, went into long days of fasting and prayers.

Prophesy came that my mother was behind our troubles having a child and affecting our business. The prophesy warned that my mother was pretending to love me but that her hands were not clean. I cannot begin to tell you all the prophesies that came concerning my mother. So much that when my mother came to visit us, my wife had so many challenges.

My wife had to move out of the house at one point cos she said she cannot stay in the same place as my mother. My mother was upset and really displayed her anger at being labelled a witch or evil person. My mother eventually vowed never to return to my house. Strangely, things began to take a different turn and we had our children and business began to pick up gradually.

I tried on several occasions to make peace with my mother and my wife but my wife made it difficult. My mother was very bitter and a few years later very sick. I tried on my own to visit her and send money for her upkeep but my mother got worse and worse. In all of this, my wife was still not in speaking terms with my mother.

I listened to alot of wrong advice, to maintain my home…that my  mother has lived her own life so I should focus on my own wife and home. I have 3 children, none of them ever visited my mom cos my wife would not allow it. Early this year, my mother passed on. It was very painful for me. The entire family turned against me and warned me never to come for the burial. I pleaded through my uncles before I was allowed but my wife was warned to stay off.

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In August this year, the police got in touch with me, to expose one prophet that has been giving false prophesies to married women and they discovered my wife was one of the people who he was sleeping with and giving false prophesies.

I just became weak. My wife confessed cos she was invited to give statement at police station. She said she did not know the man was giving false prophesies but he convinced her that she would only get pregnant if he sleeps with her and that her mother inlaw should not be around the house cos her spirit will contaminate the prayers.

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The prophet himself confessed that he never deceived my wife and that my wife was the one who was jealous of my closeness with my mother and wanted prayers to drive away my mother from our home. I did a DNA test and 1 out of my 3 children is not mine. The first and last child is mine but the third child is not mine.

My wife and her family have been begging and asking for forgiveness. My family wants me to send my wife away. I love my 3 children, even the one that is not mine. What should I do? I will never forgive myself for allowing my wife push my mother away from me and how she died without seeing her grand children. I was completely blindsided and right now,I am at loss…

Is divorce the only way out? Please advise me….


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  1. How I despise prophets and their deceptive prophecies.
    Forgive your wife, irrespective of how painful it is. One thing I’m positive about is that, she will suffer same thing she did to your mom.
    And if possible, don’t ever allow her introduce your kids to such archaic lifestyle of visiting prophets.
    My mom is also a customer to fake prophecy and she has succeeded in ruining her family with such satanic visit.
    Stop her right away anytime she wants to bring in prophecies to you or your kids.
    Ensure she never visits them. In fact, she should live on your terms or leave your life.

  2. I keep saying it, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE, its bibical, people will do what they want to do irrespective of you, whether you trust them or not. You need to get yourself together first, she must leave that house, this is adultery and paternity fraud, she is pretender. Men and women need to know that you dont own anyone, your wife or husband will cheat on you cos of greed.

    I strongly advise you, SHE MUST give the child to the biological father, and please dont let anyone tell you that cos you have a bond with the child to deceive you to keep another man’s child, a lot of women wont even take another womans child, though few do, so please SHE MUST return the child to the real father, do not be emotional about it, BE LOGICAL,men rule by logic, cos tomorrow now she can say you are not the biological father of the child when issues arise so pls sir I BEG you, dont let her or anyone emotionally manipulate you to keep another mans child, im always PAINED when i hear men take paternity fraud lightly, do they know its a grievous sin not just to the man but also to the child or children involved, some men take it lightly and its utter rubbish to do so.

    You just need to let it go, you will heal, for sure you will heal. Pls go for test to know if you free from std or not, you never know. Peace

  3. What has happened has happened. You just need to have the peace and forebearing of the spirit in you to move on. Your mother is gone and I’m sure wherever she is, she is there resting peacefully, forgiving you and your wife, and letting go of what has happened.

    You too go into prayers and seek for forgiveness from God. Seems your wife is even more religious or spiritual than you with how you narrated your story. That was why she was able to convince you easily about your mother.

    Enough with the prayer of intercession from others. This time around, you need to pray for yourself. First of all, seek for forgiveness from God and your late mother (through prayer with God). Then ask for wisdom and understanding in the revelation of the Holy spirit to be able to move on from all of this that have happened.

    And if you were never spiritual or a true believer before, commit your ways into God and turn a new leaf. You need to be able to get and receive things on your own via the manifestation of the spirit. You don’t need a prophet or your prophesy-believing-wife to be leading you. You can get the gift too, just be a true believer and be holy and righteous.

    Subsequently, while you are praying for forgiveness from God, also forgive your wife deeds. As your own forgiveness can’t come, if you don’t truly forgive your wife and any other party involved. I’m not saying you should forget, just forgive and have a clear mind about it, to be able to have a clear mind about your own forgiveness from God.

    After all these, don’t take any hasty decision. Let the spirit of God continue to guide you as you get healed from all of this. The wisdom to handle this matter maturely will eventually come, when you have a clear peaceful mind of the spirit.

    So first seek for that peace of mind and other things will come to you. (matt 6:33).

  4. I think you should forgive her. But, you need to divorce her. It is biblical to divorce on the grounds of adultery. But in addition, your wife was never a true Christian. So let’s leave religion out of it.


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