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My Husband Best Friend Is An Evil Man-He Corrupted My Husband


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My Husband Best Friend Is An Evil Man-He Corrupted My Husband

To be frank, I want to follow my instinct but that would mean, I would have to forfeit everything I have worked hard for over 6 years of marriage. My issue is this: I got a very interesting call from a former domestic staff and since then, I have had no peace of mind.

This domestic staff, lets call her Mary. Mary came to work as a domestic staff last year. My former house help had suddenly quit and I was left stranded. It was a nightmare cos I work on the island and I have three children between the ages of 1 and 5 years.

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At the time my former house help left, it was hard to get a replacement. Then my husband’s best friend offered to help us reach out to their agent for domestic staff and eventually, he was able to get me Mary.

Mary worked with us for 7 months before she  again instantly stopped working and left without notice. By this time, I became really worried so I called her but realized she blocked me. Like 2 weeks later, I sent her a Facebook message.

Surprisingly, she responded. She asked me to forgive her that she was hired by my husband’s best friend to come pretend to be a maid but indeed, she was a f*ck mate for my husband. That she and my husband were f*cking behind me all the time she was living with us but her conscience kept disturbing her because she saw I was a good wife and mother.

I asked her several times if she was sure, she said yes and she swore on her life. She said, her friend is also a maid in my husband’s best friend’s house and that one is steadily fu*cking her boss behind the wife’s back.

Furiously, I confronted my husband and he denied everything. However, right now, I am beginning to think that is the reason all my house helps have been leaving abruptly. I am scared now of bringing anyone into my house and I am wondering if its ok to warn my husband’s friend wife but since my husband denied everything …how do I know his best friend will not deny and I don’t want to be seen as trouble maker.

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Please advice me. The house work is too much for me plus I am having trust issues with my husband whom I trusted so much before now. I feel so angry and disappointed and its even affecting our relationship and s*x life because I feel hurt and betrayed by the man I love and trusted before now.

What do I do? How do I move on…and how do I cope without a house help if I am afraid of bringing in someone else? What of my husband’s friend’s wife? Should I tell her? I have told my husband I don’t want to see his friend anymore in our house but this man came to our house last weekend and it took all the restrain in me not to curse him out.

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I am filled with hate and anger for the man now and I want to tell him never to come near my family again but my husband says its a baseless accusation …that I would be embarrassing myself if I confront his friend.

Please advice me…I am really frustrated and its affecting my health…I cannot sleep…cos I am always thinking about how my husband was f*cking girls under my nose….


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  1. its well with you Dear. pls know youre not the cause of your husband’s infidelity. whether you get a househelp or not, his promiscuity will still manifest sort of. So save yourself the guilt and get your life organised. you need a help with the age of your children. get one and work closely and professionally with her. if you can afford a camera, pls do for the sake of trying your best. but only God can change your husband, not even telling his friend off will. Face your children and your work, what you owe him is prayers, after youve overcome the anger phase. becos he certainly needs your prayers for God’s mercies. the prodigal husband ll come back home one day.it will be well.

  2. So you have hatred for your husband’s friend but not to your husband. He might have slept with her on your matrimonial bed yet you can’t hold him accountable. I don’t care how many years it takes to build trust, once you break it, we’re separating until further notice. God should help us women.

  3. With God all is well don’t mind it cause if you think nabout it it will ruined your marriage to solve this issue try to tell yourself that your beloved ones come first no matter what the quenciquences you’ll handle it cause sometimes those thing break the relationships camera it can help but you’ll recret itcaus if you see that maybe you’ll ruin your child happiness and yours too please my dear just pray till you husband tells the true then you’ll see God have the answer for you hang in there everything it’s going to be fine


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