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Women Are Their Own Enemies-My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Is Blackmailing Me


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Women Are Their Own Enemies-My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Is Blackmailing Me

Women are their own enemies I swear. Please keep me anonymous. Last year, I met a pretty girl on IG. I shot my shot. She kept giving me a cold response until one day she agreed to go on a date with me. I made reservations at a very nice restuarant on the Island. I really wanted to impress her so she wil be mine.

We had a date for 2pm , she did not show up until 4pm. And she came with a friend. I was surprised. She said she was delayed in traffic. But to me, why did you even come with a friend for a date? She said, she felt she was meeting a stranger and did not feel comfortable coming alone.

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Well, fair enough, we chatted and I spent almost 150k that day. I paid for their uber after the date. On getting into my car, the security man gave me a phone number and said the girl’s friend asked him to deliver to me, that she wants to talk to me. I took the number but I had no intention of calling her cos I was after her friend, I did not want to send the wrong signals.

Unfortunately, even after the date which I beleieve went well, this girl still gave me cold shoulder. I would call and text her, she would not repy until days later. She would give excuses of shes busy, that she does not like people calling her all the time, bla bla bla. She refused to see me a second time.

So after a few weeks, I called her friend with the number she gave the security guard to give me. She seemed very pleased i called. I was like, how come you so warm towards me but your friend that I like is not? She was like, she saw how her friend treated me on that date and she felt bad. That she even told her friend that if she is nto interested, she should tell me instead of wasting my time.

Me and this her friend started talking regularly. I found out she is very pretty girl at heart and infact, I began to forget about her friend. I liked her alot. We hung out and we then decided to tell her friend so it does not seem we dated behind her back. When we told her friend, she became interested in me all of a sudden.

Infact,she called me and told me she wanted to come to my house. That she wants me to give her a seocnd chance. That she did not realize what she was missing before her friend came into the picture. I said no, no need. She disturbed me to the point I blocked her line.

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Then my brithday came and both girls came to my house. This was like almost 3 months later that I have already started seeing the friend. I was not happy she came with her friend cos now, she would now know where I stay but my girl kept assuring me that her friend has mioved on.

The next day, this so called friend that has moved on, showed up in my place and was practically begging me to sleep with her. I was like no way cos I am with her friend now. She then said, lets make a deal…that if I sleep with her (with protection) just once…and then decide if I want to give her a chance or continue with her friend.

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That was where she got me. I told her one time that I am a guy that likes great s*x and she was using that to seduce me. I said ok…just one time!…we got down to business and I think she tried but afterwards…I told her I appreciate her efforts but I was going to go with her friend.

And that was when she started to blackmail me. She asked for 200k to shut her mouth up and not tell her friend. Because  loved her friend alot, I paid. I kept telling my girlfirend to becareful of her friend…cos she was still flirting with me but I did not have the courage to tel her I slept with her. But at every opportunity, this her friend keeps trying to seduce me.

We have been going strong for a year and I want to take the relationship to the next level. But I am afraid that her friend may keep on blackmailing me or tell her friend about that one night of s8x. So, I have decided to tell my girl by myself. I intend to propose to my girl this Christmas. My question is: should I tell her before proposing or should I propose before telling her? Do you think she will still want me if I tell her?

I need advise from fellas who have been in similar situation…also from ladies too…what do you think I shouild do? Any insult, I will swallow it cos I know say I don f*ck up…I just need to make things right.


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  1. I think you should tell your girl everything that happened and I believe she won’t really upset because she knows how it all started..

    Your girl wasn’t the real one you wanted initially, she sneaked her number and herself into your life since her friend didn’t like you…

    I believe your girl knows her friend very well..tell her and if she truly loves you she’ll stay.

    Also let her know how sorry you are and make her know how much you want her..my 2 cents

  2. When will some guys learn, 150k on girl you met, then later 200k so she doesnt blackmail you. So you think the one dating you now actually loves you. When ladies now pretend to love you in other to get enough money from you, you will be crying ladies are this ladies are that. Also sex before marriage is EVIL, you better stop it man. Anytime i see a post that that in it, i quickly point it out.

    Oga, learn from guys, stop spending foolishly on ladies, if a lady doesnt like your personality, i mean good behaviour, then she doesnt have any right to your possession, i doubt you are a guy that is street wise. It is and will never be your duty to give any lady money, i need to say all these so you can learn it now.

    Whatever choice you make out of both of them, just make sure you dont spend on ladies foolishly, you may not understand now but i pray you dont learn the painful way. Peace

  3. Tell her the truth your girlfriend is not a saint either. You all started on the wrong foot. If your girlfriend respected her friend she should have talked to her friend first before snipping her card to you.
    I think she will forgive you

  4. In the end you might lose both…but it’s not a loss you need to cry over.
    They both don’t seem straight..the first one was cold until the second snatched you.
    The second slipped her contact to you without even thinking of the fact that you are after her friend..where’s Girl Code.
    They both lack morals.
    If you had come to the date looking haggard I doubt your present girlfriend would have given a damn about you…if she hadn’t noticed you seemed to reek of money.
    They are both opportunists
    If u tell your “girlfriend” and she doesn’t wanna continue.Its Very Much okayyyyy.

    And you need to be careful of letting your urges get through to you.
    Work on your weakness.. something like this might happen again if you’re not careful.
    Stand your ground and say NO vehemently
    And u don’t wait around in the face of temptation..you FLEE!


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