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My Friend Has Threatened To Destroy Me Because Of His Crazy Wife


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My Friend Has Threatened To Destroy Me Because Of His Crazy Wife

Hello Lively Stones,

Please help me post this, hide my name or location or you can use fake location so people can understand my detriment. I am seriously fighting a battle and I need prayers. Since I dropped out of school in my 400 level due to my involvement in cultism, my parents practically disowned me.

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Since then, I have been hustling and I decided to try and make it abroad cos there is no way I will go and start from year one in another school here in Naija. I contacted a friend of mine in Dubai (not real location but somewhere in the middle east) to find out about getting admission into their university and getting a job.

This guy helped with a part time job. The plan was for me to work a little and start applying for schools for admission. The issue was accommodation cos things are like 100 more expensive in that country. Even more expensive for foreigners. So, my friend asked me to squat with him and his wife for one year before I find my own bearing.

My friend is married to an Asian girl (not real nationality, just a foreigner though). The girl was nice to me when I came and I tried to be humble and polite cos its not easy to house a stranger in your one room apartment. Both my friend and his wife are always working, so we hardly see each other except on weekends or very late at night once in a while.

I gradually settled into  working. I needed references for some documents at work, so I asked my friend to assist. He said he cannot be my reference cos his papers are not permanent so he asked his wife to do it. He dropped the papers with the wife and every time I reminded him, he always came up with excuses.

That his wife is tired or forgot to sign the papers. Well, I thought the wife was acting weird, so I told my guy that I will ask his wife directly, he said cool. I then waited one night for the wife to get back from work to ask her. When I did, she smiled and said oh ….so sorry, I will sign it tonight.

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So, she went into their bedroom and got the papers, came back dresses in nothing but a big T-shirt. She smiled and asked me what I will do for her if she signs the document for me. I was like, how do you mean? Long story, she pulled her T Shirt up and she had nothing under…she said…will you f*ck me?

My God…I was like..no o…God forbid. She then said…those were her only conditions. I then asked her why she wants her husband’s friend to f*ck her. That her husband is my friend who has done so much for me. I cannot betray him like that. She said I should relax, that she and her husband are just using each other.

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That her husband married her for her papers and she married him for s*x but he no longer satisfies her cos he is busy with work and she thinks he is having an affair with a Nigerian woman in Dubai. My God…I told her no that she was lying…she said I should confirm from my friend if she was lying. She seemed like she was really telling the truth.

So, I was like…ok…just once…and I f*cked her and she signed the papers. Our f*cking unfortunately did not stop that day. We had to start hiding behind her husband to f*ck every other day. This bitch is crazy and a nymphomaniac. I did not have a girlfriend and frankly speaking, I felt since they are not married for love, its just a game…so I blocked my conscience. She was getting what she wanted and I was too…no strings attached.

Next thing she tells me is, I should stop using condom, that she is on protection. I refused to believe her. I told her she is lying. She later admitted and said, she wants to get pregnant for me and she wants to file a divorce ….I was like..no way!.

I started to avoid her now. And that made her really angry. She became mad at me and threatened to throw me out of her house. I am worried now cos I have no where else to go to. This woman does not want to hear my pleas. I cannot tell her husband because with what has happened, he too will be more than happy to send me packing out of their house.

I am in-between the devil and the deep blue sea. I cannot go back to Naija cos I cannot go back and start from scratch. Cult ruined me in Naija…now, woman wants to ruin me in Dubai. I confided in a fellow who I hand out with at work. He too is an immigrant trying to hustle….he was like, why am I being so self righteous. That I should give the Asian bitch a baby and stop whining.

And truly, its not like my friend is a saint either cos, I now have proof that he too is cheating on his Asian wife. Everyone is doing anything to survive in this abroad land. I need your advise. Even though I know their marriage is just a contract, I feel somehow banging a man’s wife and getting her pregnant while she is still married.

So, I told her, she should get a divorce first and do not get me involved before I will agree to her proposal of getting her pregnant. This bitch agreed. She filed for divorce and my friend is heartbroken. He and her started arguing late at nights. He did not go to work next day. He confided in me that his wife was filing a divorce and she feels its because of another man but he cannot divorce her cos he needs to be able to settled down.

My conscience started to prick me cos I know its because of me they were having issues. I feel like taking a risk and telling him the truth. He was like, I should help him beg his wife cos if she divorces him, that means me too will be homeless. I pretended to be worried and promised to beg his wife.

I had to beg the woman to stop the divorce proceedings cos I cannot betray my friend like that. This woman said no problem but she still wants a baby and I agreed. We continued fucking and she got pregnant few months later.

My friend kept telling me that he knows he is not the father of the child his wife is pregnant with but he is fine with that knowing that their marriage is just on paper. I think me and his wife got a bit too careless cos one day, my friend called me and told me he suspects me and his wife are f*cking. I denied it, I infact got angry with him for insinuating that.

My friend apologized but told me he is happy I denied it cos he can forgive any other man but not the man he calls friend and brother. He said he will kill me if he finds out that I ever messed with his wife. I am truly scared now. Every day I spend in this house, I fear that our secret may be out soon. That Karma may catch up with us.

I wish I can get out of this place but I even lost the small job am doing and looking for another job to actualize my dreams here so I don’t have to go back home. I just don’t want to loose my life in the process. Please someone should pray for me cos its like I am destined to fail no matter how much I try to change my life.

If you were in my shoes, what will you do? I need objective answers. Any insult is fine, I probably deserve it for sleeping with a married woman, maybe you would have preferred I sleep under the bridge or get repatriated back to naija with nothing… I am the one wearing the shoes and know where it hurts. I truly have no choice. I am only trying to make something out of my life.

I am living in fear of when this baby will be born, maybe he even gets to look like me….having to keep f*cking a married woman who happens to be my friend’s wife or get thrown out and go back to naija and face the shame of failure again.


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  1. You have been sleeping with another man’s wife, what is your business with the issues in their problem, you got her pregnant and your friend is heartbroken but still kept doing it. I will tell you this, you know what to do and what not to do, like man, do you realise how GRIEVOUS sleeping with another man’s wife is, do you know, pls go read proverbs 5,6 and 7, pls read. LEAVE THE HOUSE, I MEAN LEAVE THE HOUSE IMMEDIATELY, infact tell you friend what happened. Its funny how some men sleep with other men’s wives but will accuse women of being promiscuous. Like man, to you really know how GREVIOUS sleeping with another’s man’s wife, go read the bible verses I told you. You think the rewards is here, no sir, it is in the afterlife.

  2. This is absolutely your choice and no advise here will permeate you, as you already have a conscience that is discerning to you that this is wrong.

    So choose whether to come clean and tell your friend and then run away from that environment back to Nigeria or another country.

    Or choose to continue living this unfair wicked life you are currently involved in. That is, stay with the pregnant Asian lady and let her chase your friend away. Or even do worse and get your own Asian wife (while still living in that ur friend’s house) and move in to her house to be able to have a place to stay, incase your friend or his Asian wife later chased you away. But this option leads to more damnation.

    Choose your poison wisely.


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