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Any Lady That Belongs To Any Of These Groups Should Consider Polygamy (opinion)


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Any Lady That Belongs To Any Of These Groups Should Consider Polygamy (opinion)


I decide to drop this after reading a condescending post about a mother of 3 that just got married to a popular fuji artiste and i implore everyone to read this with an open mind.

Polygamy may not be appropriate for everyone but it remains a viable option for certain groups. Polygamy in Islam is a norm and there is no part in the Bible that forbids it or tags it a sin but rather it is Permissible just as GOD permits Divorce.

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The concept of Polygamy is not about Men having many wives but it is geared towards ensuring that every lady who wants to get married can easily have a husband thereby curbing the act of s*xual immorality.

Sometimes what may seem inappropriate may be an ideal option and talking about polygamy, i will strongly advise the following group of ladies to give it a thorough consideration.

1. THE WIDOW/DIVORCEE: Except a lady is still very young at the time she lost her husband or got divorced and she has no kids then she just might be fortunate to easily get a single guy who would love to marry her but as we know, many widows and divorcees are usually with kids and of age which makes them more appealing to married men rather than single guys who would prefer to go for young never married ladies. So If you are in this group, stop bothering your head hoping for a single guy except you just want to be toyed with. Consider marrying a married man who is willing to love and care for you.

2. THE NEVER MARRIED LADIES IN THEIR 40s: Many ladies in this group usually have this hope that there just might be one single guy who will be willing to settle down with them AND YES it is very possible just that the chances of this happening is very low. Most guys usually get married in their 30s and except they see a divorcee or a widower then they just might be lucky but unfortunately, even the widower or divorcee will still most likely prefer to go for far younger ladies which makes it even more difficult to come across single guys. My candid advise for this group of ladies is to get a responsible man to settle with regardless of his marital status.

3. THE NEVER MARRIED SINGLE MUMS: I have so many single mums as friends and the common mind-set they still have is that there is one single guy out there who will gladly marry them and some of them have remained celibate for years because according to them, they don’t want to marry a married man and they are scared of single guys…. I think it just doesn’t make any sense to continue hoping for one single guy to leave millions of ladies without kids to marry you. In most cases, this set of ladies get used by single men who just want to catch cruise with them. If you belong to this group please consider settling down with one responsible married man and avoid getting used by f*vk boys in the name of looking for a single guy to marry.

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4. THE IMPATIENT MONEY LOVERS/GOLD PICKERS: I honestly see nothing wrong in wanting a made guy after all, everyone has the right to make a choice but the problem i have with this set of ladies is when they put so much demand on a young progressive guy to provide what he can’t. Wealth is progressive and except a man is very lucky to make huge money in his early age, I strongly believe that the best bet is for such a lady to look for one rich married man to marry because in most cases, it is men who are married and advanced in age that will be able to provide the type of life style this group of ladies desire .

5. THE UNLUCKY ONES: This group of ladies cut across all ages. They are just unlucky with single guys. They have tried many relationships with single men but they are just so unfortunate and they are totally fed up. My advice to them is to consider polygamy as there are many married men out there who will be willing to marry them and make them happy for as long as they live. It just doesn’t make any sense to settle for a jerk just because you want a single man for yourself when there are super responsible married men ready to treat you like a queen.

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6.THE SUGAR BABIES: This group of ladies are usually very young and to them, it is ok to date married men or sugar daddies who can take care of them but when it comes to marriage, it is a taboo for them to marry such men. I honestly do not understand how a lady will be having s*xual relationship with a married man, enjoy the lavish lifestyle he provides but will find it difficult to marry same man and the worst twist is that in most cases, even after this set of ladies get married, they still linger in the relationship with their sugar daddies. No be ju ju be dat?
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