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11 Things Women Wants In A Relationship


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11 Things Women Wants In A Relationship

Loving a Woman isn’t easy at times, that’s why you start learning by Loving her God.

When you are constantly doing all these, her submission will come naturally on auto pilot, she will happily follow your leadership, take your corrections, easily forgive your short comings, respect you, honor you, she will surrender everything about herself to you and do anything to make you happy.

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  1. Every woman want attention. Yes, Attention, Women flourish on attention
    Call her daily, call her for no reason, call her just to hear her voice, Text her, visit her, Take her out. Sit down and gist with her and make her laugh whenever you are around her. Don’t make her fight for your attention, otherwise, you’ll make her feel unloved, she’ll begin to doubt your love, and you may end up losing her.

2. Be romantic, every woman desires a man that is “ROMANTIC”, one who will go to the movies with her, help her carry her bag, get her make up bag or buys her make-up and undies, one who spend quality time with her always cuddling with her

  1. Every woman wants a man that can protect her, especially from in-laws, a woman will do anything to be with a man she knows can stand his ground for her.
  2. Every woman want fully affection / Intimacy from her man. Study her and speak her love language. Let her see the affection even if she closed her eyes. Every woman wants to be intimate with her, husband except she doesn’t love him, or she has given up on the Marriage.
  3. She wants your love vocalized. Tell her you love her every day and she will never get tired of hearing “I love you” from you. Speak Love daily to her or write it down as letters, let her read it.


  1. The fact is every woman want pampering; they love it. A Woman wants to be spoilt, no matter her age, pet her. Be gentle with her. She’s not a Man, be patient with her (especially when mood begins to swing). Cuddle and pet your Wife like little baby. Spoil her with gifts often no matter how small it’s.
  2. Being honest and open is very important to a woman. Most Men find it difficult to be straight forward with their feelings to their wives, unknown to them Women crave this more.
    A woman wants to know her husband, his fears, his weakness, his secrets and truth,
    Trust her with them, she wants you to be “naked” to her and not ashamed, then she feels safe and free to reciprocate, trust him with her own secret and her everything.
  3. Every woman wants financial support irrespective of her financial status. It doesn’t matter if she is a multi-millionaire. your money means more to her than hers. Every Woman wants the financial support and backing of her husband or fiancé, it makes them feel loved and appreciated
  4. Every woman want full commitment. Yes! Women desires true commitment. They want to see it, feel it, and believe it. Once a woman is convinced about your commitments to her. She is totally yours forever.
  5. She want your leadership. A man that can lead, A man that can chat the course of the family spiritually and otherwise. As the head, the body follows the head

11. Trust: every woman wants a man they can trust, if you can get her to trust you, she can go to the moon for you, infact, you have her mumu button. A woman is fashioned that way.


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