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The reason I’m sharing this is not that I want to marry a second wife, but that I found this thought-provoking article on a Christian platform worth sharing:
POLYGAMY! POLYGAMY!! You will agree with me that one of the most controversial words in Christianity is this word Polygamy
Whether you are a religious scholar, a pastor, a theologian, or a born-again Christian, please, feel free to constructively contribute, castigate, correct, advise, or preach……according to the provisions of the Holy Bible.

As I proceed, I want you to think about the following questions.
1). Who was the first to engage in the act of POLYGAMY?
2). Is POLYGAMY a sin?
3). Did God condemn POLYGAMY?
4). Those who engaged in POLYGAMY, are they in Hell?
5) How do the children of polygamy fare?
6) Is marriage a traditional or a religious act?
7). Why do Christians condemn polygamy?
8). How does polygamy affect the Church? 9). Has God changed?

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The first man to marry more than one wife was Lamech, Gen 4:19
Godly/Holy persons that engaged in POLYGAMY according to the Bible included
Abdon, Judges 12:13-14; Abijah, 2 Chronicles 13-21; Abraham, Gen 16-1-3, Gen 25:1; Ahab, 1 kings 20:1-3; Ahaseurus, Esther 1:9, Ashur, 1 Chronicles 4:5, Belshazzar, Daniel 5:2, Ben-Hadad (who married Ahab’s wives), Caleb, 1 Chronicles 2:18-19, David (had 8wives), 1 Samuel 18:27, 25:39, 25:42, 2 Samuel 3:5, 5:13, 12:7-8, 12:24. Eliphaz, Gen 36:11-12. Elkanah, 1 Samuel 1:1-2
Esau, Gen 26:34
Ezra, 4:17-18; Gideon, Judges 8:30….and many more.
There were no fewer than 40 godly and ungodly men in the Bible who engaged in polygamy, as well as 43 cases of polygamy in the Bible.

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In all the POLYGAMY cases mentioned in the Bible, God did not condemn anyone except for David who snatched Uriah’s wife. He said to David in 2 Samuel 12:8;
I gave your master’s house to you, and your master’s wives into your arms. I gave you the house of Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more.”
Why did God himself say so to David?
Is POLYGAMY a sin?
Those that engaged in POLYGAMY are they in hell?
Is Abraham in hell? (Luke 16:19-31)
Is Jacob in hell?
Are David, Solomon, Elkanah, Ezra…..@all, in hell?
Does God permit POLYGAMY? The answer of course is YES! In Genesis 21:10, God said If he (man) marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights. In 2 Samuel 12:8. God Himself said to David ,”…I gave your master Wives,……..if you need more, I would have given you”
How are the polygamous children treated? Are they condemned or favoured? Why were Joseph, Samuel, Solomon…. highly favoured?
How were marriages defined before religion? Gen 1:26-28, Gen 2:18-25
Monogamy was purely a Western tradition handed down by our colonial masters. In the land of the whites, traditionally, rivalry is taboo. Yet the Jewish (Israelites) and the Edomite (the blacks) share the same or similar traditions. A widow is not allowed to be seen on the street, but can remarry to her husband’s relatives or friends, Gen 38.
Why do Christians condemn polygamy? The new testament talks about every aspect of Christian living except for polygamy. Matthew 19:3-9, Jesus talks about God’s original plan for man. He condemned divorce but not polygamy. Timothy’s admonition from Paul on how to elect Church leadership, just like the levite case of old (Moses…, 1 Timothy 3). The point is that Paul wouldn’t have mentioned it if there were no men with more than a wife in the church. See also 1 Corinthians 7:39
There are benefits and drawbacks to POLYGAMY in society and Christianity in general. 1). In society, the Maternal Mortality rate is high in women compared to men. The number of girls births is higher than that of men, and the number of men deaths is lower.In Christianity, the number of women deaths is lower than that of men.
The number of widows keep increasing geometrically adding up to the number of single women in the society.
This leads to increase of infidelity, adultery, and formication in the society compared to the days of our forefathers. So pathetic nowadays to see our single girls fighting with widows for the ownerships of a guy.
2. In Christian-dom, the so-called MONOGAMY has caused more harm than good. God says in Gen 1:28, “I blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”
In the Old Testament, God said that he would rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, and over every living creature that moves on earth. But what do we have today? Christians involved in family planning. The Israelites lived 430yrs in Egypt, but Pharaoh was frightened because of their rapid growth.
In my understanding, they were practicing Family planning and Monogamy. IBB introduced family planning to Nigeria with a maximum of four children to a couple, which was widely accepted mainly by Christians. However, Muslims being naturally polygamous have an average of 2 to 5 children.
There are 20 wives to a man, so there are 20 children in a family. This has invariably resulted in growth in the Muslim population far exceeding that of the Christian (50% / 40%). Looking critically, Nigeria is lagging behind Turkey and old Sudan.

In biblical Antioch, Turkey was a Christian nation overtaken by Muslims due to the falsehood of Christian priests. b.) In the very near future, our children, particularly girls (that we are trying to protect today), will be used as sex slaves because the practice of monogamy didn’t give them the opportunity to be married.

In the north you hardly see a woman that is not married while in the south you will myriads of them that single with the probability of not having the opportunity to be married because of the practice of monogamy.
Has God Changed?
God of Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, …..the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the beginning and the end, the Alfa and Omega, He is the same yesterday, today and for ever; has not changed

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What is the solution?
Christians don’t be “Paul when he was Saul’
Pastors, be meticulous about they preach to their members what you preach on the pulpit about POLYGAMY as what you preach, instead of becoming light, rather, it is destroying Christianity
Hosea 4:6, 4:6 my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the laws of your God, I also will ignore your children..


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Please note that the messages contained in this article were not originally compiled by this author but were edited where necessary



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