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My hubby and I met on the internet. Ours was a long-distance romance relationship, but with God’s grace, we were able to court successfully. To the glory of God, we have been married for over 5 years. So I decided to offer some the tips that helped us during our long-distance courtship, in the hopes that they will be useful to you as well.

1. Keep God at the heart of your relationship:

Even if you can’t both go to church, you can still discuss God’s word and pray together on a regular basis. In fact, every week, my husband and I set aside a day for fasting and prayer! We’d pray about our future marriage, our children, our dreams, and our lives. We knew we wouldn’t be able to make it without God’s assistance.

2. Communicate frequently:

Call your partner as often as possible, when it is convenient for both of you on a daily basis. If the time Zone is different, it may have a significant impact on the connection. In our situation, the time difference was approximately 11-12 hours! Regardless, we would converse when I woke up, when he went to bed, when he woke up, and when I woke up! Lol! We simply needed to communicate in some way.

3. Make your relationship a priority:

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If the other person means a lot to you, the best way to show it is to spend time with them despite your hectic schedule. My husband was busy with his PhD and I was busy with medical school, but we had to make time to invest in our relationship in order to make it work! It won’t operate on its own; you’ll have to put in some effort!
4. Take advantage of technology:
As much as possible, use video calls to give you the impression of being with your lover. Too much back-and-forth texting! Oh, we’d talk for hours! Please stay in contact! Talk about your goals, your likes, dislikes, your expectations, your strengths, flaws, and your plans for the future. Also, make use of this medium to do activities you both enjoy, such as singing together, reviewing books and movies, playing games, and so on.

5. Use both your intellect and your emotions to listen!

If you intend to marry this individual, you must pay close attention to everything he or she says. Don’t just gossip about unrelated things; ask questions. Is it always the case that the responses match? Is your partner being completely honest with you? Don’t be afraid to speak out if you’re unsure. You must also ensure that your values and beliefs are in sync.
6. Maintain contact with your partner’s family:
You can’t be in a long-distance hidden relationship! Familiarize yourself with his or her parents, siblings, and close friends. Speak with them frequently and, if feasible, pay them a visit. Request to speak with his or her friends, roommates, church members, pastor and pastor’s wives, or church officials. This is for your personal safety, as well as to increase your partner’s commitment to the relationship by introducing you to his or her network of friends and family. Again, for your own good, don’t be in a covert relationship!

7. Even in a long-distance relationship, you may be romantic!

I used to send gifts across the oceans to my husband! My gift used to take about 6 weeks to arrive, but I would always send it in time for his birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas! He did the same with me, surprising each other with gifts.
One of the Valentine’s Day, my husband prepared a surprise with a gift company and had everything brought to my Uni room! Oh! I’d never forget it! Even though he wasn’t there, it felt like he was! Rekindle your long-distance romance!

8. It is recommended that you visit as often as possible:

You should make this as a priority for both of you. It’s always a thrill to see the person you care about in person! It improves the bond between them. This may not happen as often as you’d like in cross-country long-distance relationships, but embrace it when it does.

9. Trust is essential:

It would be tough to stay in a relationship if you didn’t trust your partner! My husband and I agreed to share everything with each other, including our flaws! We agreed not to keep anything hidden from each other, and despite the distance, I could always tell where he was, and he could tell where I was. We gained trust as a result of this.

10. Make a joint plan for the future:

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Talk about it and decide who will move or where you will both settle down. This could be difficult because it entails a great deal of sacrifice for the person who will be relocating, but you must talk about it on a regular basis to ensure that it is what you want in life and that you and your partner are on the same page!
In Jesus’ name, I hope that you and your partner find the perfect balance in your relationship.
If this has blessed you, feel free to share with others.


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