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True Life Story: My Neighbor’s Sister Is Only 23 year Old But She Wants To Burst My Bubble


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True Life Story: My Neighbor’s Sister Is Only 23 year Old But She Wants To Burst My Bubble –

I am in serious trouble. I need your advice. Young girls of nowadays are bad o. Me, I am 34 years but one small girl is threatening my relationship. I have been a little naughty I know but I never meant for this to get so far. I have been looking for a nice apartment in Lekki for so long but the prices I was getting was just too exorbitant. Its been a project I have been working on for so long.

So, my girlfriend, Judy (not real name) got her colleague, who’s brother is into real estate to help us find a nice apartment. I was able to pay and move in. The brother of this colleague of hers, stays in the detached apartment also. A cool guy, I hardly see him but he is a nice quiet guy.

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Anyway, I been staying in the apartment for like 3 months now. Towards the end of last month, I started my annual leave. I was supposed to travel with my girlfriend to America but I was denied visa. My girlfriend had to travel alone while I stayed at home and decided to get some quality rest during my leave period.

By the second day I was at home, I noticed that my neighbor’s apartment had someone there even when he was supposed to be at work. I did not pay much attention to that but I was surprised when two young ladies came up to knock on my door that evening asking to see my girlfriends.

It turns out that both girls’ were sisters to my neighbor, one of them was my girlfriend’s colleague that helped me get a job. I was oh, my girlfriend is not around, she travelled to US for her vacation. They chatted a little and left. The next day, around 11am, someone knocked on my door. It was one of the sisters. Not the one that is my girlfriend’s colleague, the other sister.

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I was surprised she came alone but  she said she was bored. That her sister and brother had gone to work and she thought she should come and chill with me since I was alone as well. Before I could say no, she was like, common, I wont bite you. She came in immediately, started checking my apartment and saying nice things before she said why she came.

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This girl is a graduate awaiting NYSC. We talked a bit and she was like, lets play a game, no one needs to know…I have a boyfriend but he is in Abuja, you have a girlfriend but she is in US…so lets help each other when we get horny. I was like what? She said, no strings attached…she just wants s*x…great s*x if I can while she is in Lagos for two weeks and that is it.

I have never seen a girl so bold in my life…I started to stammer but she knew what she wanted cos she was all over me, doing things to my junior…I was saying no and yes at the same time. Well, since she said…just s*x…she has a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend, we are only just helping each other deal with horniness for the time being.

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This girl, her name is Tracy is crazy and a nymphomaniac. She was never satisfied for her age of only 23. I tried my best but I had to start hiding by the fifth day. She could go on for 5 hours without getting satisfied.  When I knew she was coming, I would pretend to have a meeting and drive out, just to get out of the house.

Dont get me wrong…I still f8cked her but not as much as she would want. Now, holiday is over. I am back to work. Yet, this girl still comes to my apartment, sneaks in at night when I get back and spends the night sometimes. She lies to her brother that she went to see a friend.

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Yes, it was fun but now, my girlfriend is back but this girl does not want to stop. She refused to go back to Abuja after 2 weeks. My girlfriend is back but she does not live with me everyday, so anytime my girlfriend is not around, this girl sneaks back to my apartment. Now, cos I am servicing her, I do not have strength for my girlfriend as I would normally do. I know some men will call me coward but if you met this Tracy, you have met your match no matter how strong you are.

Problem now is, my girl is coming this weekend. I told Tracy to back off but Tracy said she cannot stay all weekend without s*x…that we must meet in a hotel or she will burst my bubble…now, I am in deep trouble…how do I get rid of Tracy. I really cannot go on cheating on my girlfriend.

Tracy is wild fun but I love my girlfriend for real and I want this to stop permanently. Please what can I do to stop Tracy from bursting my bubble like she said…I don’t want her to scatter my relationship please. I been praying for her to go back to Abuja but its like she has dumped the idea. She intends to stay in Lagos until her call up for NYSC which is next year.

I am in soup…what do I do to prevent this chick from forcing me to cheat on my girl…everyday I fear she will expose me to her sister, my girl’s colleague. You see why I am still at her mercy, still doing her bid? This girl sef, she is not making me think well cos she is in my system now. The s*x is wild and out of this world and she makes me want her more but I know she is bad for me cos I am always paranoid of being caught anytime by my girlfriend whom I love. Please help me…advice me.


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  1. When she comes,tell her that you want to tell her something but she should promise to forgive you,I know is not easy..but l pray she will understand and forgive you

  2. When she comes,tell her that you want to tell her something but she should promise to forgive you,I know is not easy..but l pray she will understand and forgive you

  3. No other way about it. It’s either you allow her to burst your bubble or you come clean by yourself by telling your wife directly.

  4. There is no two ways about it….you just have to come clean and tell ur girlfriend about the affair… if u don’t tell her now, the other girl will tell her later I bet you and it will be harder for her to forgive you if she finds out from another person….tell her yourself it will make her understand that you are truly sorry but if she finds out by herself, she will feel that you are saying sorry because you were caught

  5. To be honest, you are just an irresponsible man. Period. You kept on opening the door to her for sex. You are irresponsible boss. No capping


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