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True Life Story-My Husband Is A Chronic Cheat He Brings Prostitutes To Our Home


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True Life Story-My Husband Is A Chronic Cheat He Brings Prostitutes To Our Home

I got involved with a married man early this year. Of course, I did not know he was married. He told me his wife left their marriage with his 3 children. He was in love with me, he treated me very well, spent money on me every time and I really thought he was telling me the truth until I got pregnant and found out that he is not divorced legally but his wife packed out of his house.

Later, he told me that his tradition permits him to marry more than one wife. Out of pressure of me getting old, I married him. After all, the wife is not in the house and she is not planning to come back cos he said she has a lover but because of the money she is enjoying from him, she does not want to drop his surname with a divorce.

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My husband still cares for me and does all stuff like that. My only issue now is, I discovered that my husband sleeps with prostitutes every week. I was shocked cos our s*x is great. I give him s*x anytime he wants it so I was surprised to discover his dealings with prostitutes.

When I confronted him for cheating on me with prostitutes, he said he is not cheating cos prostitutes are strangers that he is not having a relationship with. My husband said patronizing prostitutes is not a sin cos its like buying food to eat outside even though you cooked inside your house ,cos not everyday you want to eat your home food all the time.

I relaxed cos I realize there is nothing I can do about his lifestyle. I gave birth and I am gradually getting back to myself. Now, anytime I am on my period, my husband wants to make love to me but I do not like that cos I have nasty period pains. This made my husband to start bringing his prostitutes home to f*ck .

Now, my fear is, how can this man do such a lousy thing like  sleeping with prostitutes in your own matrimonial home. That is total lack of disrespect. What of the of STDs? How do I protect myself from these STDs. He says he uses condom but I know its not true.

I know I made a mistake for marrying such a man but the mistake is already done. What can I do going forward…people are mocking me cos its me that will even clean the room and bed after he finish having s*x with  these strange women. Sometimes, after the act, maybe he is drunk, I will be the one to pay the prostitute so she does not start making trouble for my neighbors to hear. I am so ashamed.

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I now understand that my husband’s generosity is not peculiar to me, he likes to spoil women with money and no woman will mind these money spending gestures I know.  I have begged my husband to stop bringing these girls to our house cos our child is watching and its not good for our child development.

My husband has refused to listen to all my begging. I feel ridiculed. His brother’s wife came to our house one time and saw how my husband’s behavior is embarrassing me. This woman was like, If I need help on how to deal with my husband’s promiscuous lifestyle, I should let her know.

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I eventually called her later and told her how frustrating the situation is. The first thing she asked me was, how many children do you want to have, I told her two. She then told me that the solution is better taken when I am done having my children. This woman told me that if I take the action to stop my husband from cheating, if my husband sleeps with another woman, his thing will not rise again or the second option, he can have s*x but he cannot get any woman pregnant including me, that might make him loose interest in outside women and s*x in total.

I really am tempted to use the solution my sister inlaw is proffering. Its just that it also means I too will not enjoy my husband s*xually. She said I can use s*x toys anytime I feel like. That she used the same thing on her husband when she finished giving birth to her all children.

Now, her husband does not look at other woman. That she used the second option, that even her husband has erection with her, he does not have erection with other woman…that she rather have an impotent man that one who brings prostitutes home everyday. She advised me to wait until I finish having my children. I thought I would never consider this solution but my husband has gotten worse and now, I found out I am pregnant again, my first baby is just 8 months.

I am strongly thinking of taking that solution cos I am tired of being married to a community penis but then, I also feel bad I am going to take away my husband’s ability to get an erection again. But I have no choice now…otherwise, is this how our marriage will be until we are old? He already has 3 children from his first wife…plus mine 2…is that not adequate?

I do not know why I feel a little guilty but I will be protecting my husband and I from disease and other dangers of having s8x with prostitutes…is that such a bad thing? Please what do you think….should I do option 1 or option 2….put yourself in my shoes cos even western men do hysterectomy to prevent pregnancy….is this not the same thing?

Please advise me…I have complained to everyone of his family members about this but none of them want to say anything cos he has money plus they feel that I should have known that my husband has been like this since forever, that no one can talk to him…what if one of these prostitutes plan t kill him or try to harm me one day? I just want to save my husband and my life…is this so bad?


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  1. No one here will give you an ungodly advise of any option my sister. The best I can tell you is to go back to God. He knows and can give you the best.

  2. Lesson learnt, not all that glitters is gold.
    Why dont you walk out of the Marriage? why this wickedness? I think you have every reasons and proves to divorce or leave him like the first wife did. Plan your life with the children you have. You will be settled well if you go via family members, people he can listen to. Thank goodness, he has a history of a wife moving out, so yours shouldnt be a big deal to handle.

    Better still, if you’re daring enough, go thru proper legal means or arbitration. Dont live in plan and thought of harming the man by making him impotent, it may backfire.
    Except you want to continue enjoying his generousity, then you be ready to pay the cost and remain with the baggage. Please, dont follow your sis-law , who says she has your best interest at heart?
    it is well with you. You ll be fine.


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