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4 key Factors On How To Make Your Relationship Work


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4 key Factors On How To Make Your Relationship Work

Making Relationship work. Love is a universal currency, which even a blind person can perceive and receive. It does not select tribe or color.
But it has Channels and roles that keeps it in the hearts of men and women.
Many people have said that their relationship is not working while some are afraid to venture into it and make it work.

Let’s consider some factors on how to make your Relationship work:

1. Friendship/ Open Minded

The best relationship or marriage you can experience is the one set on the platform of friendship.
You don’t meet someone today and the next thing is to talk about marriage.. NO!!
It’s unfortunate that people no longer build friendship, We take it so serious and official, when what is required is just friendship. This is why most people are in a relationship yet the feel empty inside. They still need someone to talk to, someone to share their feelings with all because their partner is too serious and too official to your relationship.
To get it right you must build friendship more than courtship. Don’t take it too serious, create room to know your weaknesses and strengths, it will help to make your relationship work.
Try to know yourself better before taking it to another level, like introducing the relationship to others or parents. Keep an open mind, don’t use marriage to checkmate your friendship.
Best friends make the best couple. Date your friend and marry your friend, it will help to make your relationship work

2. S*x

Most people don’t want to talk about s*x as if we are not a product of s*x.
To have a healthy relationship, you must talk about s*x. It is not a factor of assumption but a factor to discuss. For the fact that Adam didn’t reject Eve’s apple, it will be difficult for a man to reject S*x, unless when discipline and grace is available. Don’t feel bad when a man or a woman request for s*x in a relationship. But you should feel bad when it’s given outside its divine purpose ( Marriage)
I advice two lovers to seat down and talk about their s*x life, if possible discuss your weakness and things that arouse you…but in this conversation you must tell yourselves the “Truth” which is that “s*x will not help you to actualize the Ultimate goal( Marriage)”
it is good to talk about the theory but wait for the appointed time for practical. It will help to make your relationship work

3. Vision/ Admiration

Oftentimes we forget the most important thing and focus on the insignificant things that will not help us build a healthy relationship…( physique, s*x, beauty or cuteness)
However, I’m not saying they are not important rather they shouldn’t be the determinant factors.
Before you fall in love, it’s good to know your boo or bae’s vision and admirations.
Understanding your vision and admirations will established a healthy relationship.
There is no need to start up a relationship were you become two different persons in this aspect. Date a man or a woman that will support your vision. it will help to make your relationship work

4. Avoid Rushing

A relationship is not a marathon race. There is no reward for the one that starts first but what matters is the result. Take your time to fall in love. “A yam that will burn will burn, whether boil or roasted”. There is no need to rush it. Falling in love is like pregnancy.
Every stage is very risk and important, otherwise the baby in the womb maybe affected.
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