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True Life Experience: How My Elder Brother’s Wife Betrayed Me


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True Life Experience: How My Elder Brother’s Wife Betrayed Me


I need frank and candid advice guys.

I’ll be as brief as possible.

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I am a student in my 400level now, things aren’t so Rosey nor easy especially financially for me now.

Something happened this past weekend, i returned back from lectures with no dime on me, I left very early because I needed to read more, (exam things) my Elder bros travelled which I had no idea of, I live close by, (actually choose this institution because of his presence in the state) Truth is I am the type that usually keep hard times to myself, I only open up when I am choked, i hardly check on him because of negative energies i receive from his wife so I prefer communicating with him via phone, i keep my distance as possible as appropriate.

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So I went to his house to check on him, i was totally broke and hungry, learnt from his wife that he traveled, asked her if she had anything, she said no money o, what she had, she wants to use it to go to the market to buy some stuff, I saw her writing a list and with some money, she was about going to market, I saw small Eva rubber red oil #900.

It hit me, I had just a little above the quantity of red oil she needed, and I hardly cook.

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So I told her that instead of buying #900 in d market that I will bring the exact quantity she needs, but I just need 5h, that I am broke, I reasoned with her and pleaded that she do not see this wrongly that I am selling it to her, that its just an exchange, she said no p, I also pleaded with her not to tell my bros her husband which she also agreed.

We made the exchange, I got the #500 and gave her d oil she would have bought #900.

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I just received a call from my elder bros yesterday, and he was very pissed? That y should I sell d oil to his wife?

I tried to explain but he won’t listen, has even refused seeing me, honestly I am not happy right now, why will she disclose it to him? We had a pack?




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  1. Too easy, just explain the entire scenario to your brother, just the way you have written it here and leave the rest to him. If he doesn’t feel the empathy, then he he using an Avenue to avoid you. It’s that simple. The admin should link me up with this student, let me do small Christmas for you jor.
    Sending love your way.❤️


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