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True Life Story: Can I Give Up My Marriage At This Stage?..Pls Advise Needed


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True Life Story: Can I Give Up My Marriage At This Stage?.. Pls Advise Needed


Dear All,

The write up below is exactly what a friend is going through from his wife. Please what sort of action can he take?

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Despite, all he has done to please his wife, called Reverend fathers and pastors to counsel them both, his wife is still indifferent to him and is threatening to quit the marriage, citing accumulated pains of the past.

Currently, she says she wants to go back to her parents house else she will die or commit suicide. The man called her parents, and their advise was that since she is his wife, he should decide if to allow her leave his house to come and see them (parents) or stay in his house that the decision is his as the husband.

At this juncture my friend is confused and don’t know what to do again.

Even the unmarried friend of his wife who came to stay with them is not helping matter at all as she seems to be enjoying the challenge between my friend and his wife.

Please advise needed. Thanks.

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