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True Life Story: We Made A Terrible Mistake And Now My Fiancé Wants To Hurt His Brother


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True Life Story: We Made A Terrible Mistake And Now My Fiancé Wants To Hurt His Brother

The worst thing happened to me on Christmas day. And it is about to ruin my relationship. I need your help and advice on how to correct this grave mistake that I have made. Before I say anything, I know I am a fool for making this mistake and I will probably regret it once I mention what happened.

Its not like I don’t want to keep this mistake a secret but its going be a new year and I just want God to forgive me my sins and maybe direct me on what to do next. The issue is, my fiancé’s could not make it for Christmas because flights were cancelled due to covid issues. We decided that I go over to his brother’s house for the Christmas celebration, so I will not be alone by myself.

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His younger brother has a girlfriend and she too will be coming around for the celebration. I got to Elvis place (his brother, not real name)on the 24th morning. It was already bubbling. There were friends and guests all over, having a drink and just celebrating. I joined the girlfriend and the caterer to do the cooking.

That 24th night, there was a party in the house. Everyone was drinking and having so much fun. The party lasted into the early morning of Christmas before everyone left. I also slept very late. Waking up around 6.40am, I did not think I was going to walk into anyone in the kitchen but I walked into Elvis and his girlfriend having s3x.

I hoped they had not seen me but Elvis saw me quickly but his girlfriend was backing me… I ran back to my room and stayed there for almost one hour. I felt very awkward about the incident. And I began to miss my man. I knew if he was around, I would also be having a good time, the way Elvis and his girlfriend were having.

That feeling made me bring out my vibrator to help myself. I was was not aware that Elvis had stepped into my room and was watching me pleasure myself. He had come to apologize to me for walking into them but he saw something else and that caught his attention. Elvis became hard at seeing me and came to me, started kissing me.

This is the worst….I should have stopped him….I said no but not a convincing no…Elvis said, well my brother told me to take care of you and I want to make sure you are taken care of…that he will not allow me be using a machine in place of his brother. Everything he was saying was not making sense but my senses was not working at the time.

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The only thing I asked him was, what of his girlfriend and he said, she’s in the shower, lets be very quick. So, yes, it was quick but it was me and my fiancé’s brother f*cking in his house while his girlfriend was in his room , in the shower. Elvis, is a bad boy. He finished sending me to hell for about 8 minutes, smiled and said, and this will be our secret.

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Oh my God….this stupid boy did not even feel any remorse. Meanwhile, I could not even look at him in shame. I locked myself in the room all day afraid to come out. I faked sickness all day. Elvis eventually came with the girlfriend in the evening to force me to eat or they will call my fiance…so I ate some chicken and salad that evening.

I cried all night on Christmas day…I could not sleep. The next day, I begged Elvis to please forget what happened between us and that he should never tell anyone…he was like, its no big deal…its just s3x in a moment of weakness…and that he was still drunk from the party, that he is also responsible for the mistake. He said he has no feelings for me and he would never disrespect his brother by letting him know that we both made a mistake.

So, why is my conscience pricking me so bad? This is my first time ever cheating in all my life. I feel so horrible. My fiancé was finally able to fly in on the 27th and I have been trying to block the horrible memory of the 25th morning. Maybe I am just afraid of the future because who knows if the secret with Elvis will ever come to light? They are brothers, they will forgive each other…but I am a girlfriend….or soon to be wife…will I be forgiven too?

The guilt almost made me pass out and I decided to  just end the relationship now. I tearfully told him something happened while he was away. That I cheated and I wanted to move on because I do not expect him to forgive me for this. He was visibly shaken when I told him and he held his head all though.  My heart could not bear to tell him who I cheated with. He asked me who it was, I lied and told him I could never tell him cos its the biggest sin ever. He asked, is it Elvis?

My eyes almost popped out of its sockets…I said yes. He looked at me and said, I am glad you told me…do not tell Elvis you have told me. I will handle it. Since, I have been asking him what he intends to do, are we breaking up? I asked him why, he said because he values me too much to loose me but he also feels he cheated early in our relationship, so he understands my situation. That if I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t have told him. He also said we are not breaking up, that he loves me for being honest but he will deal with Elvis in his own time. I am so afraid. I fear what he will do to his own brother.

I wish I didn’t mention his brother’s name. I do not want to be the cause of any rift between the brothers. I know my boyfriend is angry cos since I told him this matter on the 28th, after we made love…on the 29th, I tried to kiss him and he pushed me away saying since am not enough for you, please leave me alone. He later apologized and said he just needs some time. I understand that, so I let him be.

Its been a tough couple of days for me. I do not know what the future holds for me or my relationship…should I stick around to find out or should I just end this relationship before the new year starts? I still dont know what he will do to his brother, I may never forgive myself if a very bad thing happens to any one of them for what happened. Please advice me…should I warn Elvis that his brother is aware (its not only his mistake), will that not bring more trouble for me? Should I  keep my mouth shut? Or should I just end this relationship now instead of waiting for anxiety of what the future holds to finish me?

I feel like something bad is about to happen and I do not know what to do anymore…Please I need objective advice.


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  1. End the relationship and quietly move on with your life. He will never fight his brother because of a woman. Sticking around will be your greatest undoing. Wishing you a prosperous new year

  2. The chance of him forgiving and marrying you is very slim. Coz it will always linger in his memory that his brother slept with his wife.
    And if he forgives you, it might be difficult to trust you around any of his male friends or brothers. That I feel will be too tormenting for you.
    Except you really don’t mind the frustration you might encounter after marriage.
    Wish you a fruitful 2022.

  3. The way people fornicate is so disheartening,always about sexual immorality. Why eill you say you regret telling him the person you slept with.

    Let me tell you this. STOP fornicating, you have no idea the spiritual destruction you are doing to yourself, I’m not concerned about him or you breaking up with you.

    Most people here on this platform won’t tell you this, but I tell you this, STOP FORNICATING, you are warned. Peace


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