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True Life Story: Do I Accept The Divorce Or Accept To Offer Sacrifice To Idol Against My Faith?


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True Life Story: Do I Accept The Divorce Or Accept To Offer Sacrifice To Idol Against My Faith?


Good morning,

Ma pls post for me and hide my id l am married for fifteen years now, my husband has been treating me like a slave, after three month of our traditional wedding we have some little misunderstanding he throw all my loads outside it was my landlady that beg for me and it was abomination in my place for husband to do that so l told my mom and my senior sister my mom said l should endure it but my sister came but he was insulting my sister ,that is how l have been enduring in year 2019 he send me and my four children outside second January 2019 inside cool harmattan season the church intervene and he allowed us inside.

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l lost my father he follow me to the village and his people came as well but during the burial none of them came l received the insult of my life l cried bitterly because l was disgrace publicly by my stepbrothers and sister, my mother died this year the same thing happened l endure all these because of my children, he lost his job, l and my children pray and fast till he got another job the day he got the job we were happy that GOD has answers our prayer all the hungry and suffering is over not knowing that it is the beginning of our suffering.

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l am a teacher in a private school, right from the day he started the work i am the one paying his transportation going and coming for seven months some times we will be starved to give him transportation, he promise not to forget all that l have done for him he even said that his first salary he will buy me clothes to show his appreciation but to my greatest surprise when he collected his money he started nagging that his salary was too small l told him that he should be managing it some time he will not give us money for food l will not talk I will just manage anything l see, this very one pains me so much that l want to commit suicide.

last upper week Saturday l went to church to clean the church of God l and my daughter reaching there the person that hold church key was not around so we agree to come back in the evening to clean the church when l came back l told him everything, he now said we should cook akara(beans cake) l am using charcoal stove, he refuse to fill gas and kerosene for stove, so when l was cooking the charcoal refuse to catch l have to blow the charcoal to catch, all this process he was sleeping.

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when he woke up he started complaining that l was slow l told him that the charcoal refuse to Catch, l fry the first set of akara l took it to him he ate and still pouring insult on me when it was time for me to go to choir practice i told him he said l should go when l came back l asked the children where did their father went to because l did not met him at home l prepare swallow for dinner when he came back he was calling me all manners of name, insulting my late mother that was when l started insulting him too, the following morning he refused to go to church l and my children went to church when we came back from church we discover that he has bought food and eat so my children started linking the plate he used l went to him told him if he buy food he should eat it there ,that was how he started breaking all my plates out of anger l pushed him down he started crying that am fighting him immediately l started begging him to forgive me.

my greatest surprise the following day he served me divorced paper from the court because he work in court of appeal his step sister called him and told him to withdraw the case from court he is now laying allegations that he is suspecting me that l am following men and is against their culture that i should go home do sacrifice which is against my Christianity l cannot compromise my faith because l have suffer a lot l don’t want to sin against GOD pls advice me should l agree to the divorce or what, so sorry for the long post

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  1. Oh dear, what some women go through in the hands of men all because they want to stay married, they don’t want society to shame them so they endure inhumane treatment from men.
    Why, why, why?
    Poster so sorry for all your going through.
    Accept the divorce papers Las Las if you give him space and he still insists on it.
    You’re a strong woman to go through all these and not break.
    God sees your heart.
    Do not go to any village for sacrifices.
    If the marriage wants to end let it end peacefully.
    God sees your heart.

    • Hmm so so sad my dear, do not compromise your faith because of the sufferings you want to continue again. Please accept the divorce letter peacefully and go ur way. You are a very strong woman, God will bless you greatly.

      Allow him to process the divorce letter.

      God be with you.

  2. It will be good if we can hear from your husband. In issues like this, hearing from the other party will be good.

    But compromising your faith is a no no.


    • Hear from the husband as regards to the fact you doubting her or the sufferings or? Just wondering….. My dear sister the divorce is your redemption right now and you are strong you can take care of your children till God sends an helper but sacrifice to prove what is not in the bible and to continue to torture and pains in the marriage is a big NO for me.

  3. You know one thing about men, then freaking hate a woman with so much guts. Commit your worries to GOD and start acting like you don’t care. Let GOD handle it.
    If he talks about the divorce, just tell him you would love to be with him and the children but if he doesn’t trust you, then there is no point leaving with a man with trust issues. Let him know you love him sooo much but will gladly sign the divorce papers so you can concentrate on yourself and the children. Let him know you trust that the GOD you serve will certainly see you through.
    I bet you, he will withdraw the papers before you open your eyes.
    Also, stop complaining over everything your man does. You seem to nag a lot and it doesn’t seem nice.
    I have also been married for 15 years, but I don’t complain about everything my husband does. I just ignore him even when he taught I will complain.
    The. He gets uncomfortable and wonder why I’m acting so happy. Don’t get me wrong, I ignore things like buying food outside to eat, being on his phone all night, yelling at me for no reason but call him to order when it involves cheating or verbal abuse without insulting him.
    You need to work on yourself as well and learn to be happy with or without him.
    Get something else to do outside teaching, maybe a side hustle might help. While I was a teacher some years back, I was also delivering bags of rice to fast foods and retailers. It’s been a while though, and I started with 60k at that time.
    You can find students to coach after school hours or something else to do. When he sees how eager you relate with success, he will be threatened.
    By the LORD help you sweetheart. You got this


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