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True Life Story: My Marriage Is Falling Apart And My Wife Wants To Sabotage My Job


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True Life Story: My Marriage Is Falling Apart And My Wife Wants To Sabotage My Job


My wife and I have been married for over 3 years now with a beautiful daughter who is 2years plus but things are falling apart everyday.

Whenever we had arguments she will want to sabotage my job. Couple of months ago, we had an argument and I was to give update to my team via teams meeting (I work from home)..My wife keep raising her voice, I left the living room and went to bedroom lock the door behind to continue with my meeting but surprisingly to me, my wife went through the window and started the drama again.

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Just yesterday there was another drama and she picked my phone unknowingly and call my overall boss.

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Note: it is from this job am sponsoring her Masters in one of the centers in Uniport and also feeding the family. More than 70% of my monthly earnings goes to her. I am not a social person.. I don’t drink and either spend lavishly.

My wife is a very proud person and she has this obvious non-challant attitude which are all seen by family members. Everybody keep talking about her but she’s not changing. Although I have my own differences as well but she believe I can’t control her. She’s not submissive at all…I can say that over again and again.

Even while she’s doing her masters, I was the one taking care of my daughter at home (thanks to covid)..in fact all my team members knows my daughter as my second colleague. I believe we all know how working from home with kids is like.

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Please I need your advice. I am already thinking of divorce but the fear of loosing my daughter to her custody is my biggest challenge.

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I am loosing my mind.

From: Nairaland

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  1. I understand how depressing this can be, but it’s time to take the bill by the horn. Let her know with that the next time she decides to act like a tout bu screaming the house down whenever you are in a meeting, you will leave the house for her and check in a hotel. Don’t joke about it. If she can’t behave herself around your source of living, then she will have to watch your child all alone while you find a peace environment to work. Tell her you will have to password your phone with the retarded Stunt she pulled by calling your boss. You seem too weak and that’s the reason she acts like the boss. Also, go through her phone to find out if she has any other persons number she can report to, then delete it.
    Say something and mean it like the head of the house.

    You also have to check yourself and find out those attitudes that triggers her weird actions. Work on those attitude and give her a peaceful and loving home.

    Best of luck and ✌

  2. You need to report her to her family or people she respects. If she doesn’t change then threaten her with a divorce by taking legal actions

  3. You need to have a family meeting with both families. she has to be cautioned by her family sternly because she’s really misbehaving..
    You have to take a stand and act like the man here.. you’re giving her too much room to misbehave because even if she’s werey she has to know her boundary when it comes to what pays her bills and takes care of her family..
    Be firm in your decisions as you mean what you say and say what you mean.. my 2 cents


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