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True Life Story: My Wife Is Lazy, All She Cares About Are Her Eyes Lashes,Makeup, Nails, Zeeworld


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True Life Story: My Wife Is Lazy, All She Cares About Are Her Eyes Lashes,Makeup, Nails, Zeeworld


I married my beautiful wife January this year, I Love my wife so much, I have never cheated on her since we got married. I opened a business for her worth 900k. i’ve already promised her a car this coming year (well I ride camry muscle and I’m tired of sharing the car with her).

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My wife is too lazy, all she cares about is her eye lashes, make-up, nails and watching Zeeworld all day, She goes to her shop 10am and return 3pm, She barely take care of the house. Sometimes the plate I used for breakfast before going to work would still be on the dining table unwashed when I return. Her make-up tools and bag littered everywhere in our sitting room.

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We’re expecting our 1st child, Now that She’s pregnant (4 months) she’s worst. Na so so chop chop, I will jokingly say babe Pls don’t go out of shape I won’t look ur side again, Is like the more I beg, the more she chop chop. …weird food carvings. Coconut water and bread, shawarma and pepper soup with sugar cane in her hand, I dare not buy it for her otherwise I won’t sleep.

I still cook when I’m back from work. Anytime I tried to talk to her, she would say can’t I see she’s pregnant, she’s having waist pain, leg pain, Infact body pains. I wanted to employ a maid she refused, she spoke ill about maids, she said they are husband snatchers e.t.c.

3 days ago, She asked me to renew our dstv sub and I refused. Yesterday I noticed she has done it (first time). I saw her watching Zeeworld, laughing sheepishly and pointing to the TV, I needed to watch man united match so I changed the channel, she dragged the remote control from me and changed it back to Zeeworld, she said I’m too stingy, I didn’t sub for her, I refused to buy her a car.

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I don’t know what to do. With her lazy attitude I’m scared during delivery she would be saying I can’t push o.

Experienced men help a brother.

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  1. You opened a business for her, probably she had no job when you were getting married i guess you were spending so much on her before marrying her..that’s why we keep telling men, stop simping do women.

    In a relationship, its,energy for energy, some,even pay house rent, some pay girlfriends monthly salary,some sponsor the education of their girlfriends but will never do same for siblings and family members.

    I don’t think you have a wife, you have a serious opportunist, im sure she married you cos of what she can gain from you.

    Some men will send her away back to her parent’s house to go learn manners. If you don’t take a drastic step, you will regret it, i pray she doesn’t poison you.



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