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True Story: My Sister Pregnant For Her 74 Years Old Sugar Daddy And He Want Her To Keep It.


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True Story: My Sister Pregnant For Her 74 Years Old Sugar Daddy And He Want Her To Keep It.


Please I need you to post for me and hide my identity, is about my sister.

She will be 27 years by April, she’s 3 months pregnant for a 74 years old Man, she realize the pregnancy when is two months already and the Man asked her to please leave the pregnancy that he will take care of her and the baby.

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The Man is now saying he wants to marry her if he comes back to Nigeria but my Sister is confuse and depressed nobody knows about it apart from me even our parents don’t know.

Please we need advice what can she do please. She’s scared of doing abortion and There are many Single guys that loves her for marriage but with this her condition she’s frustrated and don’t know what to do.

Please I and that my sis will be on the comment section for people’s advice. As it it the man is always sending her money huge amount every month to take care of her self.

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  1. Wait ooh, she’s 27, the man is 74, as in there’s a 47 year old gap. Was she thinking sleeping with such an old man without protection wouldn’t result in pregnancy? Where did she get the courage to sleep with some one old enough to be her dad? Are you both from a struggling family? As in financially unstable or something? Was the affair for money or love? If she had suitors coming after her,and she wanted anyone of them,why did she pick on such an old man and never considered using protection or even contraceptives to prevent pregnancy? I can imagine how this will cause havoc in your family. Your dad will blame your mum for not teaching you girls good morals. It’s too late for DNC, it’s to tell your parents first and know the next step to take. They will be glad that the one responsible has decided to officiate the union before the baby arrives but wait till they know his age. Sha I pity them,they will be disappointed big time but there’s nothing to do. All the best

  2. Hmmm, what a pity oo, my advice is to let ur parent know but I won’t advice u to marry the man. but he can father the child, in as much as I know is difficult for a single mum to get married but ur case shall be different dear don’t terminate d pregnancy and let d man know that too instead of playing him I belief he will appreciate you the more, I know this not going to be easy but I know you will smile at the end.

  3. I will not say much here okay.
    It is either you marry him or you keep the baby as his baby mama.

    You cannot terminate that pregnancy,never. It is the consequence of going out with a man who is old enough to be your grandfather all because of money.

    Tell your parents,do not hide anything from them, remember, don’t get rid of it,unless you want to die or damage your womb forever. Be warned!!

    If I were you,which I will never be,I will marry the man,so that I will keep enjoying the money I have always wanted in full, so that I will keep enjoying material things and luxury.
    Good luck my dear

  4. One mistake made…. no need to make two more.

    Look on the bright side, a lovely baby will be born.
    Ask God for forgiveness, brace yourself, you will be fine in the end.

    Tell your Parents, let your baby’s Dad keep footing the bills, you didn’t mention if He is single? Well no need to marry Him.
    Have your baby perhaps if your Parents can organise for you to go to a different location to have your baby before you start showing with appropriate care travel somewhere to make it easier with gossips etc.

    After Baby, with support from your mum / grandma etc. find your feet again.

    If you stay chaste, pursue your dreams – career, business, serve God , take care of your baby you could meet a younger man later whom you love who would still marry you.

    Don’t make the mistake of aborting and marrying this older man.

    Trying times ahead ,but be strong and win.

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