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5 Surest Ways To Scare Other Ladies From Snatching Your Man.


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5 Surest Ways To Scare Other Ladies From Snatching Your Man.


Hello Livelystones,

There are smart, good for nothing girls all over the place, waiting to snatch others ladies’ husbands or boyfriends. It is happening everyday and it is such a terrible thing to watch a man you love walk away from you into the arms of another woman.

But you don’t have to wait for another woman to snatch your man before you do something.

There are various ways to safeguard your man and insulate him from the tempting offers from thousands of Jezebels out there.

5 Surest Ways To Scare Other Ladies From Snatching Your Man.

Let The World Know He’s Yours

In the animal world, male animals mark their territory with ferocious roars or urine, or both, to announce to the other animals of their specie that they own the that zone, and they better keep off.

Although you are not a male, we urge you to incorporate this idea into your love life. Let the world know that your man is your man and he belongs to you and you alone.

When you go out with him, walk close. Walk arms in arms and be as close as possible to leave no one in doubt that he is yours. In addition, in any conversation you have with others, especially with your fellow ladies, always try refer to him as your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or whatever expression you can use to send the message home that he is your man.

This is not to suggest that you should not give your man a breathing space. Don’t make yourself a nuisance by insisting on going anywhere he goes. However, if he is going for social functions, that would require your going with him, don’t hesitate to go with him. A man who is a without a woman in a social gathering is a target and in-fact an easy pretty for men snatchers. Rightly or wrongly, other women would easily think that he has no woman in his life, that is why he is alone in such a place. Then, naturally, they would like to try their luck with him.

Drop The Word

You need to always drop the hint from time to time that you can do anything, including a fight or worse than a murder, to protect your man from ladies. You really don’t mean to do such a thing, but such subtle threats can serve as deterrence to a lot of girls who have such motives in mind.

I’m not suggesting to you that you go about boasting or threatening fire and brimstones on anyone that tries stealing your man. But at the right time and when the occasion calls for it, you can drop the hint. Make a subtle threat and let your friends and anyone around you know that you will surely give a fight to anyone who attempts to take your man from you.

Insulate Him

Don’t do things that would unnecessarily expose your man to other women and put him at their mercy. If your husband is a professional for instance, do not be in a hurry to recommend other women to see him for professional advice or assistance.

The sad story of one Nigerian woman, Adanna, will bring home the point being made here. Hear her;

“My ex-fiancé is a lawyer. We were planning to get married about two years ago. Then, there was this woman, who was a friend to one of my friends. The woman’s husband was abusive. He was always beating her up. She desperately wanted a divorce and she needed a lawyer. Out of mercy l told her about my fiancé and asked her to go see him. I told her my fiancé was good in divorce cases. And that he would help her for little or no money because of me. I had to even beg my fiancé to take up the case, as the woman had virtually no money on her. lt turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. One thing led to the other, as they were meeting almost everyday for the case. Before l knew it they were dating. I tried everything to stop the affair, but l could not. My fiancé got divorce for the woman and married her!”

The lesson here is that you should try to insulate your man when necessary. Don’t  just ask any woman to see him for one help or the other, especially when you know that you won’t be there with your man all the time.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Watch out for any smart girl that is always smiling at, and getting close to your man all the time. Once you see those tell-tale signs, don’t hesitate, you need to talk to the girl right away.

Of course, she will be angry and pick a quarrel. She will call you names and do worse. But you don’t need to bother, “Prevention is better than cure.” It is better to nip the affair in the bud, than keeping quiet and try to stop it when it is too late.

If you have to quarrel, good! Other ladies will hear of the quarrel and it will serve as a warning to those ones, who already have snatching your man in their minds.

In particular, if your man just made some money, and there’s some cool cash in his hand, Then you have to be extremely careful and watchful, because this is the perfect time they are going to really go for him.

Last Line

Always bear in mind that equity aids the vigilant, not people who are docile. Having your man is not enough. You need to protect him from trespassers. Above all, always treat him nice and respect him. If he is very happy and satisfied with you, Then, the chances of another woman snatching him from you is greatly minimized, no matter her charms and tricks.

But, if you choose to ignore all the advices, I’ve given you here, and another lady snatches your man away from you.

Well, we will always be here to console you, and help you dry your tears.

So don’t say l didn’t warn you oo!

I’m outta here,


By: Chyko.

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