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This Marriage Is Abusive And Full Of Jealous Rage:How Is This Love?

I think I am beginning to see his real personality. He seems to be a bit pampered as a kid cos from what I see,what he quarrel with his wife for are the minute details.

My Boyfriend’s Has Changed Since & I Am Hurt: Please Advise.

I don't ask for something from him because he was the one sponsoring his education but maybe I need something and I don't have someone to give me if I ask from him

My Brother Is Marrying Into A Doomed Family:Please Advise

That her father was warned against marrying her mother but he did not heed to the advise. He later died in an accident that he was the only victim.

This Lock-Down Has Saved My Marriage But How Do I Resist Temptation?

When she returned,we stopped sleeping together,she accused me of cheating and yes..I was cheating with my secretary at work.

Covid-19 Lock-Down Online Relationship With A Stranger-Please Advise

No response until the next day. All she replied was: we need to talk. I was actually worried cos when a woman says we need to talk..that is serious matter.

He Wants BDSM & Trash Talk: Is This Normal For Married Couples?

To be honest,I really do not feel comfortable when I moan like a whore or talk trash but he likes it ..he will be telling me to scream,not even minding that people will hear us.

Will My Marriage Ever Be Happy With All These Visions & Diabolic Acts?

I told him I was aware of the charms placed in several of his properties,I told him of the visions I was given about his mother.

How Do I Save My Friend’s Marriage From Total Collapse: Please Advise

He will face terrible embarrassment, I wish to save my friend from this embarrassment. How can I help him to see what he has done is wrong?

My Boyfriend Gave Me 36 Hours To Make Up My Mind-Please Advise

did not mind cos I was not going to be in a house with no light for days. We began spending time together. I knew when the flirting started but I needed the attention so I did not stop him.

Lock-Down: My Fiancee Won’t Listen To Me-Says I Am Over Reacting

I swear,I never knew her like that before. She made noodles for lunch and the kitchen was so dirty I could not stand it,I had to get up and clean it.