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Will My Wife Loose Her Job If I Do Not Apologize?

I told her not to go to work. I insisted and told her she must tell them she cannot come to work. After like 10am,her phone rang and it was hers supervisor. One young man like that...

This Lock-Down Has Turned My Wife Crazy & Unbelievably Corrupt

I started suspecting my wife was recording us cos she was making funny noises during s*x that day. Like she was acting out like an actress or something. I started looking around and saw where she positioned the camera.

I Am Desperate But Afraid Of Making Another Mistake-Please Advise!

I never ask for anything,I treat him well,give him respect but since day one,he has never been able to keep it in his pants.

After Months Of Separation -Is There A Future For Our Marriage?

So we went inside knelt down and I started praying to God because am tired of all that am seeing in this marriage,after that in a loving and polite way I told my hubby to tell me what is going on.

Lock-down-My Husband & I Are Having Communication Problems- Pt 2

Even if he feels depressed, I'm just saying, I don't know if there's anything he's not telling me,no matter how bad it is, he knows he can count on me so I'm earnestly shocked at his behaviour.

Lock-down- My Husband & I Are Having Communication Problems

Is this how our marriage is going to be? I'm tired of fighting for my marriage. I'm exhausted! I can't take this silent treatment. I'm not an option to anyone neither did I beg him to marry me, I was always happily single. I don't just know what to think or say.