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Help:I Have Tried My Best But My Husband Wants Nothing To Do With Me!

I tried everything that a woman can do to her husband to make him happy but no effort this man is a lion in the house.

There Is Love Between Us But He Is Afraid Of His Wife-Please Advise

so he didn't tell his wife, he asked me not to tell people about it so that we do everything slowly by slowly without hurting anyone's feelings but still his wife heard it.

Six Years Of Marriage Yet No Peace Of Mind:What Else Can I Do?

I  told him I will go for family planning he refused that he will withdrawal.This is how the man has been getting me pregnant. 

Help:I Think I Am Loosing My Mind Over This Thing Called Marriage-Conclusion

This is where am in need of advice ,I have seen he's not going to change because each time he's talking about this change of a thing he will end up in sending me to my parents . 

Help: I Think I Am Loosing My Mind Over This Thing Called Marriage-Pt 2

This makes me hate him the more ,I became wild toward him ,I neglected and hardly talk to him ,even when making love I will not participate ,

Help: I Think I Am Loosing My Mind Over This Thing Called Marriage

When he got home he started abusing me that I have gossiped about him to my friend , and God is my witness I did not tell her any thing

Lock-Down: How Do I Avoid Getting Pregnant While Enjoying Myself?

I am so afraid that I might get pregnant. I have discussed with my husband and he promised to be careful but each time,he just cant.

I Entered A Business Deal With My Landlord’s Wife Now I Am Stuck

I believe is in this deal with this madam denied ever issuing that receipt. The receipt did not have the company name or stamp r signature. I was so stupid I did not notice.

Will I Regret Marrying This Man After These Observations?

Marriage is not something one can rush into. The problem here is that he is not in country.He is back for now but I have noticed some changes in him.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Anger That I Feel Towards My Ex?

I went for a test. And it was confirmed I had an infection which I am still battling with till now... It is a stubborn infection. I won't like to say the name...