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My Neighbor Raped Me Because He Is In Love With Me

When we talked,I found out he got married but the lady was a gold digger,he couldn't keep up with her lifestyle and they eventually split.

My Wife Is Disrespectful,Disobedient and Ashamed Of Me-Please Advise

I asked her if she is not enjoying it,she said she is,so why acting like she is not? She said that is how her face is. I left it there. I am a man of peace. I want peace in my home.

My Worst Fear Finally Happened-Please Help: Man Writes

I spoke with her her severally, pleaded and beg her most times but her attitude never changed, she made me feel like I met nothing to her, yet she will always fight with me whenever ever she suspects I have a girlfriend

My Wife’s Friend Tried To Seduce Me But She Made Everything Worse

I was shouting and my wife was crying uncontrollably saying I do not believe her but I believe a woman who is trying to ruin our marriage.

My Girlfriend Rejected My Proposal Because Of My Past Mistake-Pls Advise

At first,she refused because she thought people might say she is happy her husband is dead so she can go back to her ex.

My Neighbor and His Wife Seduced My Wife,Now I Am Ashamed

That my wife was always complaining that I was not satisfying her s*xually. I was shocked. I eventually took my wife inside and started to interrogate her.

Help-My Husband & I Have Been Trying To Divorce For The 4 Years

I know there are other women in his life but we cannot seem to let go of each other. When I discovered I was pregnant two years ago,I thought a baby would help us get back together.

I Found Out My Boyfriend’s Family is Keeping A Dangerous Secret

I was curious,why was she in the room and locked from inside. I still pretended to be sleeping and like 2 mins later,my boyfriend’s elder brother came out of the same room.

Generational Curses: Will My In-laws Marriage Affect Our Own Marriage?

My mouth and eyes dropped open. I asked so many questions cos I have never seen anything like that before.His father's mother and his mother's father are siblings.

Our Marriage Communication Problems Is Driving Me Crazy:Please Advise

The most annoying part is that,as he does all these petty stuff that annoys me,when he realize he is wrong,he will never apologize to me.