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Help: I Think I Am Loosing My Mind Over This Thing Called Marriage

When he got home he started abusing me that I have gossiped about him to my friend , and God is my witness I did not tell her any thing

Lock-Down: How Do I Avoid Getting Pregnant While Enjoying Myself?

I am so afraid that I might get pregnant. I have discussed with my husband and he promised to be careful but each time,he just cant.

I Entered A Business Deal With My Landlord’s Wife Now I Am Stuck

I believe is in this deal with this madam denied ever issuing that receipt. The receipt did not have the company name or stamp r signature. I was so stupid I did not notice.

Will I Regret Marrying This Man After These Observations?

Marriage is not something one can rush into. The problem here is that he is not in country.He is back for now but I have noticed some changes in him.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Anger That I Feel Towards My Ex?

I went for a test. And it was confirmed I had an infection which I am still battling with till now... It is a stubborn infection. I won't like to say the name...

Why Does My Husband Call Me Names: I Feel So Bitter-Please Advise

you are very stupid, I regret ever marry you,,, I know I made a big mistake marry you, and mind you, I can still divorce you, I am 60 percent sure that you are just a mistake that am managing""" i

Money Has Changed My Girlfriend: All I See Is Fake -Please Advise

I like simple ladies with little or no makeĀ  up. Now,her nails are so long and scary. Her face is made up with layers of pancake and she looks like all these desperate lagos big girls.

Despite My Efforts, I Failed At Marriage-Marriage Is Complicated

Nothing I ever did was enough. She complained of me not meeting all her exorbitant needs even though I was spending almost 70% of my salary on her.

I Am Worried That I Might Be Old Fashioned: Please Advise!

And I feel age is no longer on my side. The problem I have been having is the issue of s*x,I am still a virgin and wanted to maintain the status till marriage.

Lock Down: We Want To Get Married But Everyone Says Its Too Soon

we spent the whole day together which was so fun. He wanted to leave that evening but I did not know if he could be able to see us again so I asked him to stay with me for a while.