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Armless man in China earns praise for using feet to care for newborn and wife(video)


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A heartwarming video of an armless Chinese man taking care of his wife and newborn baby using only his feet has gone viral on social media platforms across mainland China.

The unidentified man from Hubei province was captured on video affectionately kissing his baby before heading to the kitchen to prepare a meal for his wife.

In the video, the man, whose disability remains undisclosed, showcases his dexterous culinary skills by cleaning a fish, adding seasoning and cutting vegetables with a knife held between his toes.

He then proceeds to cook the fish by gripping the handles of a frying pan with his toes before gathering bowls of rice and the cooked fish in a basket to transport to a table in their bedroom, where he expertly sets the table for his wife.

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The man’s unwavering dedication to his family left social media users deeply moved. Originally uploaded to Weibo on March 30 by the People’s Daily, the video has garnered over 102 million views.

Many expressed their admiration for the man’s efforts to take care of his wife, who had recently given birth to their child.

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“Great, doing better than many able-bodied dads,” wrote one person, while another commented, “Amazing having such an outstanding father, their baby must be very lucky.”

Netizens were astonished by the man’s dexterous ability to cook with his feet and praised his determination to overcome his disability.

“It’s so tough… all his efforts come from hope and confidence in the future!” one commenter wrote.

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“Those who work hard in life deserve to have a happy family and a beautiful future!” another commented.

Another added, “Every person who strives in life is a hero.”




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