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How Desperation Landed Me In Trouble After Betraying A Friend


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How Desperation Landed Me In Trouble After Betraying A Friend

Please I need urgent assistance. I know I have done wrong but desperation made me commit this offense but I need assistance with my problem. I graduated with 3rd class in Linguistics in 2018. Most jobs require minimum 2nd class and that has been my challenge since.

I was a victim of constant sorting in school, it made me even have extra year, I worked so hard by selling petty things like okrika to add to the small money my parents were able to give me to make it through school eventually.

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I came to Lagos in 2019, selling okrika still. I was squatting with a relative with children in one small room. Eventually, I got a receptionist job at a spa in February that same year. I was working there with small salary of 60k but at least, I had money to spend and save a little.

My relative seemed threatened that I got a job and she was making life difficult for me. I buy food stuff sometimes in the house but she  always complain that I am not supporting. So, with the money I saved, I got a one room in the same area not too far from her cos that area has cheap accommodation.

Gradually, I was growing but then came last year, covid 19 shut down most businesses and I was among the staff that was fired. I was at home for almost 4 months, no job, even going back to my okrika business was hard cos of dollar exchange rate. I almost gave up and return to my village but a friend of mine called me that her husband started a betting business and they need a receptionist.

This friend asked if I can manage the job for a while until I got a job. I agreed. The pay was 40k. I started working there around November last year. I saw many thing happen and one of them is that this my friend’s husband used to bring girls to his office to f*ck them everyday.

The bet business was a side business because he works in an organization but he comes to check what the office manager does everyday in our office. And the office manager is the one that used to organize girls for our oga. I was like, my poor friend but I was warned to mind my business if I did not want to loose my job.

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I carried on until one day, I was about to close when the office manager asked me to wait behind for a meeting. I waited and then he told me that our oga said he should fire me because he was worried that I being his wife’s friend, that I would expose him. I knelt down to beg him and swear that I will never open my mouth to tell my friend.

The office manager said there was nothing he could do. I had to wait outside the office to wait for the oga to come that evening. When he came, I snuck in and followed him. I started to beg him and swear that I will be loyal to him no matter what. He looked at me and said if you will be loyal, prove it.

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I told him I will do anything to prove it. He asked me to wait for him. He then later called me into his office. I kinda suspected what he wanted to do but I was desperate. The oga asked me to kneel down, he brought out his manhood and asked me to suck it. I did. I was secretly praying he will only ask for oral but he later f*cked me too.

That was how I got my job back. He did that so that even if I try to tell my friend, I too will implicate myself. The f*cking became twice every week. The other days in the week, he f*cked other girls. He then raised my salary from 40k to 100k. I felt very bad for my friend but then I was desperate for a job and I was not the only one the oga was f*cking. So, I am not the problem of their marriage.

This is the story of my life. I am doing this just to survive, until I get a job and you know to get a job with 3rd class is hard. The business I tried was really hard and I worked so hard yet made no real money. I don’t know what happened to the office manager but he was fired and some said he stole money.

So, to deal with our oga, the office manager told our oga’s wife all his dirty secrets. including the fact that me, her friend was sleeping with her husband. My friend called me and abused the living day lights out me. I begged her but she would not listen. So I blocked her line.

Do you know this woman now went to social media to call me out for being a friend she brought out of poverty but I ended up f*cking her husband knowing she has 2 children. My friends all started abusing me too. I was  getting death threats. And one of them told me to go and test myself cos the oga was well known to also carry alot of STDs.

In my fear, I went to do test and found out I have herpes. I was told there is no cure for herpes. That I can only take drugs to manage it and these drugs are very expensive. I have been crying and crying cos I don’t have any money for the drugs. I went to ask the oga for some money, cos the drugs, one of them is 75k and I need drugs up to 249k every month.

My oga refused to help. He said I did not get the STD from him cos he does not have it. I swear to God who made me, he is the only one I sleep with without a condom. I used condom with my boyfriend so I know its not from my boyfriend. I am so scared and sad.

The oga has stopped f*cking me cos he now knows I have herpes, so he cut my salary from 100k to 50k, saying business is bad. I know its because I can no longer service him anymore. I am still looking for a job, anyone with a receptionist job please help me or anything I can do.

Someone said there are herbal cures for this and that is why I am asking for assistance. I need anyone with any suggestion on herbal cure for Herpes to reach out to me. And if there are other cheaper means of getting the drugs I need. Please assist me. This is the situation I found myself. I need your advice and help.


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  1. This is very serious. You see, no matter what, sleeping with another person’s spouse is a wicked thing to do, trying to justify it with you are not the problem of their marriage cos the man to is sleeping with other girls is absolutely wrong.

    Imagine that lady died out of heart attack
    or got into emotional trauma that affected her health knowing her husband was cheating on her, so no matter how you put it, it will never make sense, also it is a GRAVE SIN to sleep with another person’s spouse.

    As for herpes, imagine you were never told to go do test, but its good you found out as to getting treatment early.

    You need to beg that lady, I cant call her your friend, cos your acts were not that of a friend, beg her, call her, send texts and most importantly, leave the job.

    For the drugs, like you said, there are herbal cures, but meet experts and professionals who will recommend right for you. Is it everytime you use condom with your boyfriend, check it well, it may be your boyfriend, you also cheated on him too, this is really sad oo. Pls google herbal products, and please listen to radio stations well, like 91.7 women radio 10am, they do health talks so you can try that too.

    Pls be strong, you will be fine Sister, you surely will he fine. Peace

  2. I would blame and likewise be lenient with my blame cause I can’t judge you….Life can be hard sometimes and we tend find ourselves in difficult situations…

    I have been in a similar situation like yours before and to think my boss was even my mum’s close friend but i was wise and i outsmarted him before he knows what was going on….

    Don’t take it hard on yourself and hope you have saved a lot cause he would fire you anytime from now…

    No matter the situation, sleeping with a married man or a friends husband is never a good option….

    May God restore your health….I pray you get well soon…

  3. This story is pathetic

    First of all…this 3rd class rejection is real but what you must do…is decide to take your own future in your own hands…

    You may be 3rd class but act 1st class…

    Go learn and develop yourself….attend free training courses…read up on self esteem

    When you can…go do a masters

    Stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes

    The man is definitely evil but staying no …denying yourself and making sacrifices is way better than breaking trust and betraying those who helped us

    I don’t know about herbs to cure herpes but go to markets and ask those selling agbo…they maybe able to guide you

    Also…give your life to God and ask Him for complete healing

    Go back to your clothes business…be consistent…until you get a job…who knows…from selling okrika …you can own a big boutique one day

    Don’t forget to ask your friend for forgiveness

    Start on a clean slate…you can still live a happy and healthy life

    Don’t give up…just try to make the right choices no matter how hard it is to do that…

    God bless


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