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“How I Once Encouraged a Married Woman to Cheat on Her Husband” – OAP Nedu


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Controversial Nigerian On-air personality, Chinedu Ani, popularly known as Nedu, has recounted how he once encouraged a newly married woman to cheat on her husband.

Speaking during an episode of his ‘Honest Bunch’ podcast, Nedu said the woman had opened up to him about being unfaithful in her marriage.

He asserted that when the woman revealed why she was cheating on her husband rather than reprimanding her, he understood her situation and supported her.

According to Nedu, the woman’s husband had insisted on no S** before marriage. However, after they got married, she discovered that her husband was unable to have an erection.

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Hear him yourself;

“Oga is telling you ‘No S.e.x before marriage’. Find out if he likes it from the other side, On my radio show, one woman don talk say, ‘I dey cheat on her husband’, not once not twice”

“Why? Oga Nedu, if na you, you go comot? I say why? She say him prick no dey gree rise. The one wey talk this thing, the sad part wey…..

“My brother, I support her. I’m sorry, men, don’t be angry but I supported the woman. This guy just married her and they were saying no S.e.x before marriage. Na so the girl enter o.”

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