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How to get the right parner


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How to get the right parner

How to get the right partner is not difficult if you desire the right person for yourself. Moreover, there have been questions unresolved on how to identify the right partner. Eventually, I have outlined the best and simplest ways to discern whether you’re dating the right person or you still need to look elsewhere!

Everyone desires a partner that will cherish, care and love them for whom they are. It’s not gainsaying that we all have different likes and dislikes.

However, In a world where there are myriads of men and women with differences in characters and beliefs; as many as fishes in the ocean, how do one now discern a good choice amidst multiple options; how do you identify the right partner for yourself?

In this article, I will be sharing four things to look for in identifying the right partner for yourself, viz:

How to get the right partner

How to get the right parner

1. Motive:

knowing the reason someone is, or wants to be in a relationship with you is important. Someone who doesn’t give you any reason why they love you and are in a relationship with you would not give you any reason when they jilt you! Even if you ask why, he/she would say, “well, I don’t know but it’s over”!

For instance, some folks go into relationships just to have fun; do you understand? I mean they go into a relationship to derive S.e.xual pleasure and once they get what they want, they break up with their partners! You must know the motive behind “I love you”! Is it truly “I love you” or “I lust you”? Find out before you go deep into any relationship to prevent unnecessary heartbreak.

2. Character:

A person’s character is what defines the person. The character is the finest beauty! Knowing whether your personality is compatible with, or you can tolerate your partner’s character is very germane in a relationship.

How to get the right parner

Some people are gentle, honest, godly, and respectful while other people may lack some of these characteristics. My advice is you take someone honest, godly, caring, respectful, diligent, and understanding as a partner.

However, some people’s bad behaviors can be worked upon; part of loving someone is tolerating and working on their character; if they’re tolerable for you! If not, move away so that you won’t end up in a terrible relationship and be living together like a cat and dog.

3. Partner’s Belief:

One’s belief may be mental acceptance of a claim, faith or trust, or moral convictions. It’s important to be with a partner whose belief or mental state is mutual and compatible with yours. Differences of beliefs in a relationship sometimes may lead to a disastrous end!

For example, some men believe that they can marry more than one wife; at least, two, while some women don’t want to share their husbands with any other women because their own belief is one husband, one wife! If you’re a woman and you don’t want a polygamous home, you should look for someone with the same belief as yours.

There are some women too who aren’t submissive. They can’t bow to their husband’s authority. Even though the scripture says the husband is the head of the wife just as Christ is the head of the church but their own is a 50/50 say in the house. If as a man, you can’t tolerate and blend to live with a wife like such, you should reverse!

In other words, some men believe that women are to end up in the kitchen, in this 21st century; full housewives!

They thereby disrupt the dreams, desires, goals, and visions of such women. Many housewives who could have become famous musicians, athletes, CEOs, directors, etc, are regretting bitterly that they married dream killers as husbands! If the person you want to marry has this character, try to convince him/her to understand and support your dream. If they don’t yield, it’s better to decide wisely!

How to get the right parner

4. Passion:

Passion is a strong emotional attachment one has for someone. It’s greater than love! Imagine a talented and famous musician who has a passion for music, it would be very hard for such a person to substitute music for something else. That’s how it will be difficult for a partner who has a passion for you; who sees you and gets satisfied; who needs no one except you and who’s ready to go to any length to care for you and make you happy, he/she will love you dearly to the end.

In conclusion, If you’ve already found someone with these qualities; someone with good character, who loves you passionately and have similar belief as you do, stick to him/her. Don’t be deceived by beauty, money, or fame. Remember, some beasts can be beautiful too!

Beauty may fade, money may stop and fame may die but the right person will stay for the right reasons!

Thanks for reading, you’re free to drop your comment in the opinion box.

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