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“I Haven’t Seen My Kids In Ten Years”- OAP Do2dtun Revisits Messy Divorce Saga With Ex-Wife


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“I Haven’t Seen My Kids In Ten Years”- OAP Do2dtun Revisits Messy Divorce Saga With Ex-Wife

On-air personality, Do2dtun, has revisited his divorce saga with his ex-wife.

Do2dtun lamented how he has not seen his children for 10 months, and how that has been difficult for him.

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Recall Omotayo in 2022, filed for separation from him over alleged forced abortion, domestic violence and emotional abuse.

The duo got married in 2013 and the marriage produced two children.

However, writing yesterday on IG, the OAP wrote: Today marks a whole year since they snuck that video to me and 10 months since I set my eyes on you. I miss you so much. No amount of lies, games, deceit or slowed legal process can break me. Fife and Fiore, Daddy just wants his time with you like he deserves but they deny it; disobey the law cos they are scared, cowards and immature.

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“No one should use kids as bait or weapons in a fight. Again, they picked the wrong one this time. Every move has been made to make sure I don’t exercise my right as a father but I don’t and won’t break. I’ll keep fighting the right way and as much as some believe they have the monopoly of madness and breaking the law, I just don’t want to play that game just cos of these wonderful kids. I am law abiding but I am not a fool.

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“If you are a father out there, for posterity and goodwill, fight for your place or right to stay in their lives. Every child needs their father just the same way they need their mother. No one should use children as their power or substitute their emotions.”

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