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“I’m A Free Man Now”- Man Texts New Lover After Killing Pregnant Girlfriend


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An Italian Man texted his new Lover “I’m a free man now,” after killing his pregnant girlfriend.

Giulia Tramontano, 29, was killed by her boyfriend Alessandro Impagnatiello, who tried to burn her body twice before hiding it in an abandoned green area near the home they shared in Senago, Milan

Alessandro Impagnatiello confessed he killed his partner Giulia Tramontano.

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After days of deceit, Alessandro Impagnatiello, 30, told the police he killed Giulia Tramontano, 29, and tried to burn her body twice before concealing it in an abandoned green area near their home in Senago, Milan, Italy.

The victim, who was seven months pregnant, was reported missing on Sunday, May 28, by her boyfriend, who initially claimed he had seen her in the morning before going to work and had not found her when he returned home.

"I'm A Free Man Now"- Man Texts New Lover After Killing Pregnant Girlfriend

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A huge search was launched, with Giulia’s family sharing appeals all over social media in a bid to find her, saying she was vulnerable and needed urgent help as she was heavily pregnant.

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Italian media reported that Giulia had recently found out that Impagnatiello – who worked as a bartender at the luxurious Armani/Bamboo Bar in Milan – had a parallel relationship with a woman, a colleague of his, who had also got pregnant but had decided to have an abortion.

After days of police investigations, in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the killer confessed he murdered Giulia at the weekend and told the authorities where he hid her body.

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Impagnatiello, who has been arrested and is currently being held in jail at San Vittore, in the city centre of Milan, said he killed Giulia after an argument at home, Italian news agency Ansa reports.

The evil man then admitted he tried to burn the pregnant woman’s body in the bath at home and then tried to do the same in an outdoor area near the home, before he decided to hide it in a nearby area.

The police found out that, after the brutal killing of his girlfriend and their unborn son, Impagnatiello texted his mew lover telling her that Giulia “had gone” and he was now a “free man”.

The monster, who wanted to meet the other woman after killing Giulia, also claimed the unborn baby was not his son – which was a false statement, the police added.

However, the woman, who was reportedly unaware of Giulia, her relationship with Impagnatiello and her pregnancy, refused to meet Impagnatiello.

According to Ansa, Impagnatiello showed up at the woman’s home at around 2am on Sunday and asked her to get in, but she did not allow him to enter.

Impagnatiello tried to burn Giulia’s body twice before hiding it in an abandoned area near their home

Investigators believe that Giulia was killed between 7pm and 8.30pm on Saturday – and that at the time Impagnatiello was trying to meet his lover, the victim’s body had remained in his home for a few hours.

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Prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo said the man used the internet to search how to kill his partner and then get rid of her body.

Impagnatiello, who is accused of first-degree murder, concealment of a body and abortion without consent, also used the victim’s phone to text one of her friends after murdering her, Ms Menegazzo added.

The last message sent from Giulia’s phone read: “I’m upset. I’m going to sleep.” Her phone then became unreachable.


It has been reported that Giulia and the other woman Impagnatiello was in a relationship with, who did not know each other, had been in touch and had met to talk about the man and his “psychological abuse”.


Italian police at the home the couple shared in Senago, where they found traces of blood

Italian police at the home the couple shared in Senago, where they found traces of blood

After killing his girlfriend, Impagnatiello allegedly texted his lover with the victim’s phone, pretending to be Giulia, telling the woman that she should “leave her in peace”.

However, investigators said Giulia had already been killed by the time the message was sent.

The woman was reportedly worried as she had noticed that Giulia had not replied to a message she had previously sent her.

Traces of blood found in the couple’s apartment were a turning point in the search for Giulia and led the police to investigate Impagnatiello.

Giulia’s body was found in the early hours of this morning.

Impagnatiello told the police where he hid Giulia’s body.

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