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I’m finished! I cheated on my wife with a Church girl, now this is happening


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I’m finished! I cheated on my wife with a Church girl, now this is happening


I’ll be succinct. I’ve messed up and I take full responsibility for my actions. All I’m trying to do now is save those close to my heart.

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I’m married 2 years with an 8 month baby. I’m a faithful husband at heart but I just lost focus and landed in this deep mess.

My first stinct at adultery was late into my wife’s pregnancy when I could not hold body. This situation was further compounded when I relocated due to work and come home every 3 weeks or so. My carefree attitude also contributed to this but I’m not staying them as excuses. I did what I did.

I met this deeper life young girl about a month ago. She was about 23, good looking and has an innocent air around her. Last week thereabout we met up and made out after weeks of chatting. In the process, my contraceptive broke and it happened raw for a minute or two before I replaced it.

Now one week later and I having strong symptoms of HIV exposure. Had I known, I would have gone for Pep. I am 75% sure of infection at this point.

I’m home now and I don’t want to touch my wife who is constantly on my neck since I returned. I don’t want to infect her or my child….and I can’t come to terms with telling her everything right now.

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This is someone who is so faithful and she has expressly stated that she will not entertain any hint of infidelity.

I’m so done for, I need advice

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  1. Take it easy, you are not finished.

    It’s good you are keeping away from your wife until you establish if there is an infection.

    First tell God you are sorry and repent.
    Next, involve someone your wife totally respects if you think it will help her digest the information easier so does not take any action without careful consideration.

    Then go and test yourself and take any medication recommended if there is an issue and take healing measures from there.

    You are not finished but please do not put your family at risk.

    All the best

  2. Please what are symptoms of HIV infection? You may have probably contacted an STD. Go to a hospital and complain so that you can be tested. Meanwhile your wife needs to know that you have broken her trust in you then please ask for her forgiveness and rebuild your home.

  3. Has it been confirmed that you are HIV positive? Please don’t assume because you are having symptoms of infection ooo, biko go for check up and please tell your wife everything,tell that innocent woman everything biko. It is well with you,I’m just angry because the marriage is just 2years and this is happening what will happen to your wife now?

  4. How did you know you have HIV? 

    Bro, cool down and stop beating around the bush.

    The right thing now is to get tested before any other thing!

    You can’t really tell only by the symptoms if you have HIV or not. Go for test ASAP to ascertain if you are infected!

    I pray, it will turn out negative. And don’t forget to repent!

  5. You’ve done well by admitting first to yourself that you guffed and not infecting your family ( so-to-say) .Go for test and confess to your wife. Also, ask God for help not to fall again and try to build your home. All shall be well.

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