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‘I’m Married And Also Have A Sugar Daddy I See Daily’ – Woman Tells Judge


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‘I’m Married And Also Have A Sugar Daddy I See Daily’ – Woman Tells Judge

A prospective juror for the sentencing of the Parkland Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz stunned the court as she told the judge she wouldn’t be able to serve in the jury because she is married and has a “sugar daddy” who she needs to see everyday.

In October 2021, Nikolas Cruz had pleaded guilty to 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted murder related to the school massacre.

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However, the death penalty trial was delayed after the prosecutors said they needed more time to interview mental health experts anticipated to testify on behalf of the High School killer.

The three-step jury selection process, which started on Monday, April 4 is supposed to last two months, followed by a four-month trial to see if the offender, Cruz receives life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

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During the jury selection process, Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer asked whether she had missed anyone with questions or concerns.

“Did you have a question?” she asked a prospective juror, who was regarded as “Miss Bristol.”

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“This is a whole entire month. First of all, let me clarify myself, July 2 is my birthday, July 4 is my son, and the 18 is my other son,” Miss Bristol explains.

Judge Scherer asks; “Don’t talk too fast; we have to be able to understand … so you said that the July, there [are] dates in July that you’re not available? What are those dates?”

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“July 7, July 4, and July 18 … And again, I need to figure out something,” Bristol responds before saying that she has a “sugar daddy that I see every day.”

“I’m sorry?” Scherer asks, seemingly perplexed.

“My sugar daddy,” Bristol reiterates.

“OK, I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about, but we’ll…,” the judge interjects.

Bristol continued: “I’m married, and I have my sugar daddy. I see him every day.”

Still a bit confused, Judge Scherer, told Miss Bristol that she would come back to her, and she was ultimately dismissed from the trial.

Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 on Twitter: “Jury selection has begun in the Parkland, FL school shooter trial. One prospective juror said that serving would create a severe financial hardship for her because, although married, she has a “sugar daddy” that she needs to see every day to pay her bills. https://t.co/1oOwnFIUMb” / Twitter

Folks on Twitter didn’t hesitate to make light of the woman’s sugar daddy predicament.

One wrote: “I mean, who hasn’t tried the sugar daddy excuse to get out of jury duty at least once?”

Another wrote: “My coworker just got summoned. I’m gonna tell her to use this excuse.”


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