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S*x: Is She Telling Me Truth, Please Your Advice Are Been Needed, I’m Confused


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S*x: Is She Telling Me Truth, Please Your Advice Are Been Needed, I’m Confused

Guy’s please I’m confused here, there is this girl i started dating last year December, she really loves me and i know that? Have asked her of s*x for sometime now, but she keeps telling me she is not ready for that.

Her story goes this way that she was raped when she was 7 years old by there neighbour then, and the guy was arrested and later realised after much pleadings from his people, and ever since then her mother have been so closed to her even up till now due to the rape experience, and more over she also told me that she has dated three Guy’s before me, and they all broke up because they are all after s*x, and she is not ready for that, and now after, talking to her, showing her true love, making her to believe me that I’m different from other guy’s out there, and she has now agreed to give me s*x when next we see, only on the condition that whatever happens, I shouldn’t leave her, no matter what even if she gets pregnant for me, but the truth still remains that i don’t actually need the s*x, i just what to know if she is telling me truth.

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But the problem now is this please how will i know that she is telling me the truth, that she has never had s*x ever since then, as I’m yet to trust her on that aspect, this rape experience happened 12 year’s ago.

How will know she is telling the truth, cus I’m ready to find out the truth by all means

Please help a niqqa brothers

Sorry for the long write up!


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  1. Hello. Why do you want to know if it’s true or not, so the way to know is to have S.e.x with her right. What is so special about this S.e.x, can’t you wait until marriage. If something spiritual starts happening in your life, you will be running helter skelter for help. Oga there is no way to know, just wait for marriage, if you can wait pls leave her.

  2. Oga, must you have S.e.x with her? Can’t you just love, trust and be patient with her till you both get married.
    Pls, don’t ask her for S.e.x be a gentleman and wait till marriage.

  3. What exactly do you want to do with the truth?Biko,believe her and remember that rape is not a good experience,she must have been traumatized and devastated during that time, so please don’t add to her already forgotten pain. Love her for who she is and keep watching.

  4. Hmmmm some times when I read some relationships stories I wonder what is happening to our generation, major discussions in all relationships are all S.e.x talk, is there nothing else to talk about except S.e.x, this is why we have so many failed marriages in our society, bros please leave the story of the past with the past and focus on building a better future with her outside S.e.x with her thank u

  5. What bothers you exactly? Has she given you any reasons for you to doubt her?
    What do you want with this lady? Do you want to marry her? If then why don’t you approach her family and official ask for her hand. That would be the proper thing to do. Then you can ask her parents about the rape incidence but for now just take what she has said and believe her words.

  6. Oga you don’t deserve this lady, what exactly do you wanna know or find out, if you are not ready to marry this lady let her go please.

  7. Sounds like 2 children in a relationship.
    She was 7 when it happened and it was 12yrs ago, does that mean she is about 20yrs old/below? Are you people ready for marriage? Why is she talking about getting pregnant? Why the talk about S.e.x? Focus on what’s more important in a person, if you want a future with her, if you don’t then leave her alone. S.e.x with her will not add any value to your life, if anything it’ll only take from it.

    Wanting to know if she’s telling the truth now wouldn’t change anything, she can still change in the future. Just leave her alone if you don’t trust her.


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