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“l Need To Find Myself A Latina”- F1 SuperStar Lewis Hamilton Sparks Off Dating Rumors With Shakira


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Formula-1 racing superstar Lewis Hamilton has sparked off dating rumors‘ with Shakira after he said during an interview that he “needs to find himself a Latina.”

The scriptic comment came on the heels of repeated sightings of Hamilton and Shakira together at various events.

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Even as the public feud between Shakira and Gerard Pique will seemingly never come to an end. Currently, the Waka-Waka singer is back in Barcelona with her kids. Her kids have just gotten done with their academic year; hence, she has taken them back to Spain to let them meet the paternal side of the family. Amidst all the drama and chaos, the paparazzi have pictured the singer with Lewis Hamilton yet again!

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In fact, she surprisingly showed up for the F1 GP. During a conversation with the media, Hamilton dropped a major hint in relation to his current relationship rumors.

Without a doubt, the Spanish F1 Grand Prix was a thriller. Seemingly, Hamilton ‘returned to being himself’ by bagging a position on the podium for the first time since the Australian Grand Prix. The Mercedes racer finished in #2 spot with 18 points, just behind Max Verstappen. While he managed to put an end to his bad streak of results, his comments during an event have stunned the fanbase.

A few hours ago, images of Shakira at a dinner table with Fai Khadra, Daniel Caesar, Lewis Hamilton, and Mustafa emerged on social media. Prior to that, a small video clip of the F1 racer in an interview had gone viral. Unsurprisingly, the fanbase went berserk after hearing his answer to a question surrounding his dating life.

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In the video clip, Hamilton said, “I need to find myself a Latina”. While this may have been a generic statement, fans and the media have found it to be extremely coincidental that Shakira is now a regular part of the racer’s life. Hence, they are now starting to take a keen interest in the singer’s life all over again. Speculations about how her presence has helped the Mercedes racer improve his F1 results have been floating around on social media.

Interestingly, is the singer’s current Barcelona trip for the benefit of her ex-boyfriend or Lewis Hamilton?

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