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Love Doesn’t Dishonour Others To Make 1 Happy”- Davido’s Babymama Larissa


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It seems like the recent birthday celebration of Chef Chi by ace singer Davido has stirred the emotions of his other babymamas including Larissa London.

Larissa London, one of the baby mamas of ace Afrobeat singer, Davido stirred reactions online with some comments she shared on her page as she talks about her ideal man.

The makeup artist also talked about the type of man that is her perfect spec. Larrisa noted that she loves soft men, a proper lover boy ready to die for her.

Larissa also further talked about the different attributes of love and why it is wrong to dishonor other women to please another.

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Interestingly enough, Larissa made these statements just days after Davido went all out to celebrate Chioma on her 28-year-old birthday.

Larissa, in another comment, noted that love is patient and kind and does not envy nor boast. As she preached about love, Larissa also noted that love always protects, perseveres, gives hope, and does not delight in evil.

Just like Larissa, another of Davido’s baby mamas Sophia Momodu also reacted and shared a post on Instagram for the first time in a while, hours after the singer had celebrated Chef Chi and reassured her that his love for her was forever.

Perhaps Davido should start a Tv series for his Babymamas; “keeping in touch with Davido’s Babymamas” or something like that, cus they all an interesting bunch.

Just kidding though,

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