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Love Triangle: Is This B*tch Trying To Steal My Man With A Trap?


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My friend is in an intimate relationship with her church brother..the guy is very 25 and committed to God and people are expecting him to be ordained as a pastor..but he has a girlfriend in the church too which they have dated for about 5 years.

Now the girlfriend has a questionable character that makes almost everyone in the church feel she is not good for their soon to be pastor.

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Meanwhile my friend’s character is like an opposite of the girlfriend..now she feels the boy would prefer her to his girlfriend,,only for to latter hear that the girlfriend is now 2 month pregnant..

Because of the boy’s personality,he had no choice than to go see d girls parents for an introduction.. everyone feels the girlfriend only got pregnant to tie the boy down..

Now my friend is still madly in love with the boy despite all..and the boy also makes her know that he loves her too..but his relationship with his girlfriend is a hindrance..

What should my friend do??


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  1. Tell her to leave him and focuse on her own till she she meets someone else. If it means changing church. Let her change. She should stay away from him because if he loves her as he claims he does, he wouldn’t be messing with the other girl. As a pastor to be he is a bad example for the followers. #justsaying

  2. Pastor to be a that is fornicating with two sisters in Church, is that one a good example?
    Your friend just entered one chance with the guy, she’s blinded by lust. I mean your guy is double dating and has even gotten the other chick pregnant so has no option to marry her, what then is your friend still doing with that guy? I guess she must have been okay with him double dating then?

    Biko, let her move on with her life, the guy doesn’t love her.

  3. Let your friend move on with her life, her own man will come
    She should leave the guy alone since he’s already getting married to his girlfriend.

  4. He was never faithful to you so don’t deceive yourself by thinking he is your man.
    Just move on with your life and leave the couple alone. Moreover a child is involved. God will give you your own man.
    This boy will still keep coming to you will sympathy stories in other to have his way with you, refuse him steadfastly until he gets your message that you are done with the relationship.

  5. Tell your friend to leave that guy as soon as possible…the guy is a complete womanizer to be having an affair with two ladies at same time.
    Your friend need to move on with her life.

  6. Why are people always blinded by love? Definitely, this guy is just playing both sides. He might actually like your friend more but he is not ready to stop double dating.

    Moreover, this is even terrible for a pastor in the making. He is making a bad table for himself already and consequences of his actions will soon hit him. If he currently felt comfortable dating two ladies at the same time, then during marriage, nothing can stop him from dating choristers and young ladies secretly in the church in the future.

    Tell your friend to get over the relationship. That guy is not meant for her. She will regret her marriage if she should settle down with him. If she finds it difficult to stop thinking about or loving the guy, she should stop going to that church and cut off any communication and meetings with that guy. She should quit before it gets too late. What if your friend gets pregnant too, how will they handle that with the issue on ground already? She better leave him before she complicate things for herself. If she get pregnant too, she will just keep ruining her future the more.

    So warn your friend and talk sense into her. She should stop getting blinded by love. She will only get over the guy if she cuts off all forms of communications and meetings with him. The guy might not want to give up easily, but she should stand on her ground and make sure she doesn’t give in again to this player.

    It is well !!!

  7. Hello dear,

    No one is trying to steal anyone from you. In the first place,this young man does not know what he wants. He is dragging you into his mess.

    If you are smart,you would be grateful he revealed himself. He was messing with his girl all these while while whispering sweet nothings to your ear and you are naive enough to believe them.

    Open your eyes. Having s*x with someone is not a trap or trick. He knew what he was doing and the lady also knew what she was doing.

    In any case, a baby its on its way and the guy has even started making plans to marry her…you better move on.

    There is no place for you in this scheme of things.

    I pray you are wiser and smarter next time not to find yourself with a man who has ties with another lady before coming for you.

    A man must be free and single before you can say he is truly yours.

    Girl…move on.

  8. Wake up girl, dust up yourself and get yourself your own man who is single single and not single engaged. God will help you to be wiser.

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