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3 major pillars that hold relationship stronger


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Have you ever wondered about the major pillars that hold relationship stronger? If so, you have come across the right article that will explain the pillars that hold relationship stronger in simple terms.

  • There are questions on why relationships fail; why early marriages break; why the most innocent and religious devotees end up in a terrible relationship; and why those who deserve the best get nothing at all!

3 major pillars that hold relationship stronger

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting nailed even after you’ve taken every necessary step to have a peaceful home and maintain that desired relationship?Have you been jilted severally and you think there’s no solution?

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Or you’ve been told that your marital/relationship problems are beyond physics? Have you lost hope on moving on after many heartbreaks? Or is your home at the verge of breaking and you want to save it? This post is for you!

3 major pillars that hold relationship stronger

Wait a while! What if you’ve been doing the right things wrongly or not doing it at all? Or the fact that you’ve over loved someone make him/her took you for granted?

Whichever way it seems,no qualms, there are solutions to all challenges in life, hence, keep calm, carefully read and follow the three major pillars; yea, three, not seven or ten solutions that some people would claim.

Below are the three major pillars that hold relationship stronger:

1. Understanding:

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3 major pillars that hold relationship stronger

Many people think it’s love that keeps a relationship.. chuckles! If it’s love,then, why do lovers break-up? Popular marriages had broken, do you think they broke up because they didn’t love each other? Infact, break up dudes still get jealous seeing their Ex with another lover.

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That means they loved each other but the problem is that they couldn’t tolerate each other simply because they failed to understand each other! Men and woman are entirely different creatures. Our physics, language, behaviors and cultures are different.

Someone once said an average lady has about 10,000 words to speak daily, while a man has about 1000! Look at the difference!! Could you now leave with someone who’s entirely different from you if you don’t understand the person?

Therefore, you need to study and understand the gender differences. A woman would nag at a man, sometimes shout and call him abusive names if he badly offends and hurts her.

She could only expreses her displeasure through her tongue power, she can’t beat the man, no, then why should a man now beat such woman because she abuses him? Isn’t that commiting another crime?

Many men act unfriendly when they are broke, yes, including myself! Should you as a lady or wife now threaten your man for money at that time, wouldn’t it be like steering up his anger.

There are lots of things that go wild in relationship due to lack of understanding, so, study your spouse/ fiancee well and understand them. By that, you save your relationship.

2. Commitment:

3 major pillars that hold relationship stronger

The most important and most times, difficult thing in any relationship isn’t finding the right person, it is keeping the right person! Many are victims of loneliness, divorce and depression today because they left their Ex whom they thought wasn’t good enough for them; not attractive, friendly or caring enough and eventually ended up with the real devil who now makes their lives a hell!

Moreover, many had left the person that could have been the most loving,caring and peaceful to them because of filthy, unfounded and ill-fated excuses.

The major reason why many religious brothers and sisters are still single even at the age of 40 is because many want to see dreams or visions of the so called right person while a good brother or sister is sincerely in love with them and dying to have them.

Perhaps, they think it’s not God’s will for them but they’ve forgotten that these same people are God’s children for they’re created by Him. Let me be honest with you, you can’t enjoy if you don’t endure!

No one is perfect, you must learn to tolerate some things;not life threatening things though! Understand that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes, or don’t you make mistakes? Therefore, you’re not perfect too! Why now looking for a perfect person when you too are not perfect? What if someone jilted you because he/she thinks you’re not perfect, how would you feel?

Commitment means passionately loving your spouse, ready to make sacrifices for them and having the belief that you need no one else except them to give you that love.

Hence, don’t look for perfect persons up and down, only if you’d go and look in heaven ’cause nobody on earth is perfect. Work on your spouse imperfections, breed the assorted things you want to see in them, love them the more and work things out together. By so doing, you have a peaceful and lovely relationship.


Pillars that hold relationship stronger

Everything has a purpose. If the benefit of something is unknown,its abuse is inevitable! Therefore, every relationship/spouse has a purpose to achieve or else, it ends in shambles! Achievement is a responsibility fulfilled; opportunities converted; wealth amassed and goals fulfilled.

A relationship will never work well if lovers are not achievers. You don’t be in a relationship or intend to be in one with the mentality of becoming a dummy or liability; having nothing tangible to offer.

As a man, there are lot of responsibilities on you, if you don’t want your wife or girlfriend snatched by someone else, be productive! Work so that you’ll not walk around.

Make money in order to take care of your home because relationship without money can never be sweet, and that’s why some cheat on their spouse with rich guys. However, make money legitimately!

Also, help your spouse to achieve his/her dream. Mitchell Obama didn’t marry a president, she made a president! So, be there for your spouse, support them until they achieve their goals!

Thank you for reading! I believe the information above would help build not just a stronger but also an everlasting relationship. What’s your opinion on this?


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